Adam Levine's Fiance Behati Prinsloo Reveals Engagement Details

Supermodel Wants to keep proposal private but says Levine did "pick the ring out himself."
5:24 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adam Levine's Fiance Behati Prinsloo Reveals Engagement Details
You cannot -- of -- Victoria's Secret catalog or watch -- Victoria's Secret commercial without seeing our next guest from the glossy magazine covers to the runways of Milan and most recently. Her big engagement news to maroon five's Adam Levine to remodel BIT prince -- is everywhere and we stopped for just long enough. To stop in the studio with -- today. Thank you for being here today. And the first and foremost big congratulations. Thank you ma'am that you know you've broken -- a lot of hearts out there. There is -- and tell me a little let me complete surprise. To the well yeah. You guys kept your relationship under wraps I mean obviously both very high profile people but you know where you really kind of separated the public and the personal. Yeah we're really -- gun on. And keeping it private and for us you know everything it's always been very. Very important. I -- have to know -- how did he do it. Because everyone. Bended -- moment what was this. I I mean IA. That that is the -- my that's the only thought of of him that I have. But nobody else you know. Though that's very though that's very -- and obviously it is tough because everything is playing out for every went to CME. First pictures of the ring which is gorgeous pilot did a nice job. You pick it out review he did -- get out on is now on -- -- I and I still out sometimes guys can you know go in and just pick out whatever is on sale -- -- -- The -- Eric's side of the -- excited and snakes. That's very obviously you are. In the modeling world one of the most premier well known names and -- I read somewhere though that you didn't necessarily have a desire to start modeling at a young age. Not honestly did an eye on this like I I'm from are really small town and I did not even saying -- that. That is even an option you know what I mean learning magazine me like I -- that's a Korea. I didn't think that like I went to be a marine biologists and study in cape town and then I got scouted and and in South Africa on on their plan. Grandparents and -- just. -- -- Crazy. That is amazing even know what you -- would have been like had you'd pursue the marine biology. Yeah all of its time and night. What. Do you think I -- I wouldn't even done that you know it's such it's such -- thing. Now and I have to ask is because right now we are in a heat wave in the northeast I know that she spent a lot of time between LA and New York -- -- I mean you're beautiful. And you look like you just have everything put together and if you walk run New York right now everyone -- -- around just drenched in sweat when the secret. Victoria's Secret but. You -- and try to terrorize. Obviously is so there with the new fragrance have a little bit about -- this is actually really exciting it's the biggest fragrance lines that haven't done. And history. Just because it is they weren -- in a Paris got guide fragrance houses they had to -- -- on with this and then it's just very -- -- varies some merry it is a beautiful bottled. It it's hitting you can -- on -- and -- today is the Thursday accuracy -- dot com. And it's just really exciting fragrance and I think. A lot of goals and -- you know -- anybody can relate to it it's a very. It's -- it's off it's got you know road is it's got red berries finance. It's and crime. And -- -- knives and that's been wearing an old days you. It's not. Yet how many guys are so jealous of that moment right. And that's very very -- up at the very nice fragrant. It is very subtle and it's very need to that's -- and I'm happy to be -- The face of it. So the so let me ask you this then because obviously you have your wings from Buena Victoria's Secret Angel. What's next do you think about acting and you think maybe branching -- into some other areas. I would love to you guys if something comes up that I really. That is really catching my attention acting -- I would love to try. But I have been I'm not pursuing at the moment it's not -- -- -- -- you know really busy. With these guys to use there's something fun comes out of it I would love to -- -- that you have to share with me this because everyone thinks that supermodels have all of these are incredibly expensive products and procedures that they do. To keep themselves looking aptly phenomenal what it's like that dime store. Beauty tip that you can give us cucumbers on the eyes when it's wet wet what is that -- if you share. That's life I honestly don't -- I use Paul learns. In -- Cragg cream I used that there -- OK I mean that arm. Thank you come is on the I'm very -- I love going to the pharmacy and pick. Checking out. Did Kidman can be used in -- love. And -- you're certainly got a through with a stop by today and I'll -- congratulations let us know. When the date and the time is announced that we can make sure we'll look for the invitations in the mail to and yet I would let -- -- and have continued success to you thank you -- that -- yeah.

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{"id":19705242,"title":"Adam Levine's Fiance Behati Prinsloo Reveals Engagement Details","duration":"5:24","description":"Supermodel Wants to keep proposal private but says Levine did \"pick the ring out himself.\"","url":"/WNT/video/adam-levines-fiance-behati-prinsloo-reveals-engagement-details-19705242","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}