What You 'Auto' Know

How to protect yourself the next time you go to the auto repair shop.
2:24 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for What You 'Auto' Know
Just about all of us have to take our car to a repair shop at some point. Tonight abc news goes undercover to see if women are treated the same as men. They end up buying things they don't need, paying more for what they get. Reporter: This is an award winning mechanic with a shop in queens, new york. She thinks too often women don't get a fair shake at the shot. Abc news bought two similar cars and awe dra fixed them up so they were in good shape. Then she blows a small $4 fuse that powers the windshield wipers. We sent two teams in for service, both asking for the wipers to be fixed and any other needed repairs to be brought to our attention. Each team, one of men and one of women visited several shops. The results were mixed. At various shops both recommended work our experts say they didn't need. At this auto mechanic shop in jersey city, new jersey they correctly diagnosed the problem with the fuse for the car our male producer brings in. They replace it and charge $85 for parts and labor. The mechanic also confirms his air filter is brand new. Then I go in with awe dra, here's what they tell us. We have a wire from inside here, onto the dash board, behind the dash board. Reporter: The fee for awe dra and me, $170. He's not done. Watch. Our hidden cameras actually catch them removing that pristine filter. Watch again. Now listen to the manager selling us a new one. You want to get the proper ventilation. Reporter: Back in the car, i personally checked this air filter this morning. There's the stuff in the air filter that was snow white this morning. So we went back for answers. You said we needed a new air filter but ours was brand new. I checked it myself. May have dropped on the floor. Reporter: And gotten gravel inside? The owner of the shop later told us he believes his shop treats men and women fairly and he's taking corrective action. Abc news, jersey city, new jersey. Check out tl report tonight. The lookout airs at 10:00 eastern.

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{"id":19441601,"title":"What You 'Auto' Know","duration":"2:24","description":"How to protect yourself the next time you go to the auto repair shop.","url":"/WNT/video/auto--19441601","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}