Battleground Roundup and Electoral Map: Where the Key States Stand

Find out the latest information on the make-or-break states in this 2016 historic presidential election.
5:20 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Battleground Roundup and Electoral Map: Where the Key States Stand
Meantime really head over to Jon Karl. Who's been studying the battleground map we've done this for days now leading in and John I'm just curious as we head into tonight we're looking stand when you look at the rate to two cent. Well we are where we've band which is this map favors Hillary Clinton look at what Donald Trump passed to do tonight to actually win David. If you look at our race rating siesta Kerry every single one of these gray states of the pure toss ups. And even if he does that so even if he wins every single one of these states. He comes up short of the 270 he needs. So he's got to find a way to win someplace it's favors Democrats the US talking about and get a flipped something blue and a major state nonetheless capsule and I think that the one state to watch from a trump perspective on that the woman he has the best chance. A flipping would be the state of Michigan this is a place. That both campaigns spent time in the final days it's a state. Hasn't voted Republican since 1988 he is led. In no public poll since the conventions but this is the state that if he can turn blue when they leave he's got the best chance I'm sorry can turn red. Then look what happens he gets to 264. He still needs stumps. The entire camp but you heard him into the wee hours of the morning he's convinced he can do it so let's get out to the battleground states here tonight John first a Florida State that could determine the winner. And one that has seen Brecher early voting already millions more the polls today ABC's Paula Ferris on the ground in Coral Gables tonight Paula. And David a polling stations like this'll be closing shortly but they have been sparse all say that's because half the state. Participated in early voting six point four million just to put that in context that's more than the total vote in Florida back in 2000. But digging into those early votes. Democrats traditionally have an edge over registered Republicans right now they have. A slight edge but no one knows where those one point two million independent. Are going to skew Hillary Clinton's campaign telling ABC news they feel that it's going to lean heavily Hispanic. Thus giving her campaign the edge but David just to give you a sense of how important Florida is to both campaigns they visited the sunshine state more than any other state. In the final month David. Yet many have said if Hillary Clinton wins in Florida it's lights out for tonight Donald Trump needs Florida and as Jon Karl pointed out so many other of those swing states right there on the map. North Carolina is also pivotal tonight another very close race. Also an early voting state and one where the African American vote helped elect Barack Obama in 2008 he won there. By a sliver and then lost to Mitt Romney for years later ABC's Lindsey Davis is in Raleigh tonight. I'm North Carolina Lindsey. David voter traffic is once again starting to pick up here in Raleigh, North Carolina according to the most recent poll here in North Carolina trump and Clinton are tied neck and neck it's all gonna come down to voter turnout more than half of the registered voters here in North Carolina. Voted early about 42% of the registered Democrats about 32% of them. Registered Republicans now what helped President Obama to eke out a victory in North Carolina 2008 was extremely high voter turnout. They've lost in 2012. And they so what we're hearing. As far as early voting here in North Carolina this year we're talking about nine points lower as far as black voter turnout than in 2012. David. Which is why Hillary Clinton the president First Lady were right there in Pennsylvania last night and that's where we're gonna take you next. Known as Hillary Clinton's firewall the keystone state but there are two Pennsylvania's and ABC's Deborah Roberts is in the western part of the state tonight. It was to be Johnstown Debra. David this state has gone democratic in the last six elections but Donald Trump is hoping to pull off a surprise here. We're at a polling place in came Rhea county once the steel mill capital of the world. But with unemployment here higher than the national average this is trop territory. Kind of a tale of two Pennsylvania is with large swaths of red. And blue when you look at Pittsburgh and Philadelphia when last night Hillary Clinton urged her base to get out the vote. Saying everyone in Philadelphia lives within five blocks of their polling place. Pennsylvania in play tonight David. No question about that Deborah Roberts in Pennsylvania for a step thanks so much in next to Michigan this evening and as we said to win Donald Trump must turn one of the Blue States red and Michigan is one of those states that Jon Karl circle right here on the board he's convinced he can turn. Michigan is running mate and family visiting regularly over the final days of this campaign. Clinton and her surrogates including the president also in Michigan in the final 24 hours before Election Day ABC's David Curley. Comes to us from Detroit tonight David you. Good evening Dave. The question tonight will the blue firewall of Hillary Clinton crack here in Michigan this is normally democratic state. But as voters are coming to the polls tonight there are questions of whether or not that firewall can be broken so important to both candidates were here. In the past 24 hours in fact Donald Trump was here early this morning. Trying to break through in this state. Targeting the voters he's been looking for throughout the campaign. Hillary Clinton sent Fresno bomb in the past 24 hours to remind voters. Of his support for the auto industry during the Great Recession the big question tonight is turnout can Donald Trump turn out enough voters to turn this state to a color other. The blue. David David Curley standing by in Michigan force David thanks to you.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Find out the latest information on the make-or-break states in this 2016 historic presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43397066","title":"Battleground Roundup and Electoral Map: Where the Key States Stand","url":"/WNT/video/battleground-roundup-electoral-map-key-states-stand-43397066"}