Biden aiming for 1.5 million vaccinations a day across the country

President Joe Biden said he’s hopeful all who want a vaccine can get one by the spring, but Biden’s vaccine adviser said it could be fall before most can get a shot.
4:20 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for Biden aiming for 1.5 million vaccinations a day across the country
In the meantime, we turn next tonight to the coronavirus. President Biden late today on when he thinks Americans who want a vaccine, want a shot, will actually be able to get one this this country. Also tonight, growing concern over the vaccine supply in the U.S. And will the vaccines work against these new variants? Tonight, pfizer and modern believe their vaccines work against the uk variant seen here in the U.S. But there is a concern of a variant seen in South Africa. Moderna for one trying to stay one step ahead, testing a modified version of its vaccine against that South Africa variant. It would be used potentially as a booster. We will continue to report on that. The virus now taking at least 420,000 American lives. President Biden still saying he believes a critical mass of Americans could be vaccinated by this spring, as one of his own seniored a visors, though, cautioned it could take until the fall. Here's ABC's Eva pilgrim tonight. Reporter: Tonight, as states struggle to vaccinate millions with dwindling supply, the president says he's hopeful Americans who want a vaccine will be able to get one by spring. I think it will be this spring. I think we'll be able to do that this spring. I feel confident that, by summer, we're going to be well on our way to heading toward herd immunity. Reporter: The president warning the death toll could top 600,000 before things get better. He's now aiming for 1.5 million doses every day. I think we may be able to get that to 150,000 -- 1.5 million a day, rather than 1 million a day. Reporter: Hours earlier, his vaccine adviser cautioned it could be the fall before every American is vaccinated. The bottom line is, I wish I could tell you there's plenty of vaccine and we can fill all these endless amounts of appointments. We can't. Reporter: Dr. David Kessler says vaccinating the country by April and may is just not going to happen. I think this is going to take us into the fall. We got to get there before next winter. Reporter: Nearly 22 million of the 41 million doses distributed have been administered. The trump administration had hoped to reach 20 million by the end of December. The need for vaccines more urgent ever. The uk variant, already in at least 26 states, is more contagious and British health officials warn it could also be more deadly. Dr. Fauci saying he believes those British scientists. They became convinced that it is in fact a bit more virulent namely making it more difficult when you get to the point of serious disease and even death. So I believe their data. Reporter: The vaccines work against the variants, but one study showing the modern vaccine may be less protective against the south African strain, so, the company is now studying a possible booster shot. We need to keep watching it and testing against it and making sure that until we've got it beaten back that we're planning ahead and we're being careful. Reporter: The U.S. Now barring nonu.s. Sitd sens from traveling from South Africa, in addition to Brazil, uk, Ireland and 26 countries across Europe. More contagious variants threatening to reverse new signs of hope like a decline in deaths and hospitalizations in this country. California, today, lifting its stay-at-home order across much of the state. We have been struggling, we have been worried, but this is a little weight off the shoulders -- a little bit -- there's still weight on the shoulder, so we will see what happens. Eva pilgrim with us here in New York City. And Eva, as we reported, pfizer and modern believe their vaccines do work against these the uk variants seen in the U.S. Moderna looking at a bother for their vaccine in light of that South Africa variant, that's been concerning, not yet seen here, trying to help people at home keep track of all this. At this hour, we're just now learning that a variant seen in Brazil is now being seen here in the U.S.? Reporter: That's right, David. Just moments ago, we learned that we have our first confirmed case of that Brazilian variant. It is a patient in Minnesota who officials there say had traveled to Brazil recently, returned to Minnesota and then reported feeling ill. And that is concerning, because that Brazilian variant is thought to be more contagious. David? All right, Eva pilgrim tonight, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"President Joe Biden said he’s hopeful all who want a vaccine can get one by the spring, but Biden’s vaccine adviser said it could be fall before most can get a shot. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75476959","title":"Biden aiming for 1.5 million vaccinations a day across the country","url":"/WNT/video/biden-aiming-15-million-vaccinations-day-country-75476959"}