Biden spends last day of campaign in Ohio, Pennsylvania

Former vice president Joe Biden held three back-to-back drive-in rallies near Pittsburgh in hopes to sway Pennsylvania’s suburban voters. President Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016
3:44 | 11/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden spends last day of campaign in Ohio, Pennsylvania
Joe Biden in his sprint to the finish, tonight in Ohio and Pennsylvania today, trying to win back that state, where he grew up as a boy. His running mate, senator kamala Harris there, too, declaring, this is Biden country. ABC's Mary Bruce in Pittsburgh tonight. Reporter: Joe Biden heading out for his last frenzied day of campaigning, ready to go. One day! Reporter: Biden starting the day in Ohio, a sign the campaign thinks the red state is up for grabs. Tomorrow! Tomorrow, we have an opportunity to put an end to a presidency that's divided this nation. Reporter: Then the boy from Scranton off to the state that could decide this election -- Pennsylvania. From the beginning of this campaign, Biden's played up his roots here, but the race is tightening. Biden with a steady, but slim lead. How are you feeling, Mr. Vice president? Mr. Biden, do you feel like you can win Ohio? Tell me, Pennsylvania, are you ready to vote? Reporter: Today, the Biden campaign spread out in every corner of the keystone state. We're all here. And this is Biden country, isn't it? Reporter: The candidate holding three back-to-back drive-in rallies near Pittsburgh. We're going to win Pennsylvania and we're going to show the world what America stands for. Reporter: Trump won Pennsylvania by less than a point four years ago. In rural Bedford cnty, his supporters like Stacey Schreiber as passionate as ever. I'm definitely a trump supporter, and I'll be voting for him again like I did in 2016. Reporter: Biden is hoping to make in-roads with suburban and urban voters. I'll be happy when it's over with. I'm really tired of all of the bs. I can't stand trump. Reporter: Pennsylvania part of that blue wall trump smashed through in 2016 that Biden is now trying to rebuild. Another one of those states, Michigan. Biden campaigning there Saturday with his heaviest hitter, former president Obama. Detroit, Joe Biden is my brother. I love Joe Biden. He will be a great president. Reportema back out today in Florida and Georgia, a state Biden's team thinks is increasingly competitive. And he's blasting trump for saying he might fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. One of the few people in this min straight who has been taking this seriously all along and what did he say? His second term plan is to fire that guy. Reporter: Biden says he has a better idea. Elect M and I'm going T hire Dr. Fauci. And we're going to fire Donald Trump. Reporter: And as the president says ballots arriving after election day shouldn't be couniden telling Americans, it's not up to him. The power change the country is in your hands. I don't care how much Donald Trump tries. There's nothing -- nothing he's going to do to stop the people in this nation from voting. It's time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home. We're done. Let's get to Mary Bruce, live with us at Heinz field in Pittsburgh tonight, where Joe Biden will wrap up his busy day of campaigning with lady gaga. The Biden campaign today saying they've studied the model and what they can discern from the voters showing up. They believe they have a clear path to the white house? Reporter: David, Biden's team is cautiously optimistic tonight. They know that Pennsylvania is a critical state, but they say this is not a must-win here. They feel that they have other potential pathways to 270, even without it, and tonight, they have been pouring over those early vote numbers and they say that president trump will have to outperform in many states he won in 2016. And David, tomorrow, Joe Biden will finish out thisign right where it all started, with a visit to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. David? All right, you'll be there and we'll see you tomorrow night, Mary, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Former vice president Joe Biden held three back-to-back drive-in rallies near Pittsburgh in hopes to sway Pennsylvania’s suburban voters. President Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73981347","title":"Biden spends last day of campaign in Ohio, Pennsylvania","url":"/WNT/video/biden-spends-day-campaign-ohio-pennsylvania-73981347"}