Biden, Trump campaigns make final sprint with week to Election Day

The president is holding rallies in three of the states he won in 2016, while the first lady made an appeal to suburban women and Biden traveled to Georgia.
4:39 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Biden, Trump campaigns make final sprint with week to Election Day
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy Tuesday night. One week from tonight we'll be on the air into the evening with election results. What remains unclear is how much we'll actually know, given the record-setting number of early voting, mail-in votes, absentee votes across this country. So many battleground states won't even begin counting those votes until election day itself. President trump and Joe Biden in the battlegrounds tonight. Both have released new itineraries. This will be a sprint to the finish. President trump racing through the midwest tonight. Three rallies just today. Four years ago. First lady Melania trump making her campaign debuting, appealing to suburban women in Pennsylvania. And the president today with a message himself aimed at suburban women. What he said about suburban husbands. Late today, Joe Biden addressing a packed rally in Georgia as he makes his closingument that we must get a handle on this virus and this nation must come together. A closing argument of unity. And campaigning for Biden today, former president Barack Obama and what he said about president trump. It was clear the president was watching, at least some of it. We will guide you through it all tonight and we begin tonight with ABC's Mary Bruce in Atlanta leading us off. Reporter: Down in the polls, president trump today sprinting through three states, as Joe Biden traveled to Georgia, a state no Democrat has won since Bill Clinton in 1992. Biden finishing out his campaign with a message of unity and hope. Something's happening here in Georgia and across America. People of different races, backgrounds, Democrats, Republicans, independents, they're coming together to transcend the old divides and show what's possible. Reporter: Biden's presence here today a sign that he's feelnfident, focusing on states trump won, as he tries to expand the electoral map. He's even hitting Iowa this week, while also touching down in traditional battlegrounds like Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump, today alone, in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Michigan. Now, I've got to say, I'm working my ass off. Reporter: The president expected to hit nearly a dozen states this week, and planning 11 R in just the last 48 hours before election day. Polls show he's struggling with critical suburban women voters. For weeks, he's been trying to win them over. Suburban women, will you please like me? Please? Please. Reporter: Today in Lansing, Michigan, he tried this appeal -- You know what else? I'm also getting your husbands -- they want to get back to works right? They want to get back to work. We're getting your husbands back to work. And everybody wants it. Reporter: Trump has struggled to come up with a coherent closing message. His stump speech a litany of grievances and mistruths. One constant, his insistance theuntry is turning a corner on the pandemic, even as cases spike. But here's the story. It's covid, covid, covid, you can't watch anything else. They're doing heavy covid because they want to scare people. Reporter: It's a line he's been repeating at every rally -- as his predecessor gleefully pointed out in Orlando today. And what -- what's his closing argument? That people are too focused on covid. He said this at one of his rallies. Covid, covid, covid, he's complaining. He's jealous of covid's media coverage. Reporter: Trump was watching, tweeting at Obama in real time. I saw Obama this morning, he had a couple of cars. They're honking their horns. Reporter: Today, first lady Melania trump highlighting her own experience with covid in her first and only campaign apce. Like many of you, I have experienced the first-hand effects of covid-19. This administration chooses to keep moving forward during this pandemic, not backward. The first lady out on the trail. Let's get to Mary Bruce with us at the Biden rally in Georgia. It's clear the Biden camp thinks they have a shot in Georgia. If they win, as you reported, it would be the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in '92. We saw president trump in several battlegrounds today and former president Obama in a key part of Florida today, which also speaks volumes about who the Biden camp is trying to reach in a key part of that all-important state. Reporter: Yeah, David, this was actually Obama's second trip to Florida in just the last three days, trying to get out vote for Biden in that critical I-4 corridor, where 1 in 4 Florida voters live. Biden and trump are locked in a tight racehis key state and they will both be there later this week. David? Mary Bruce with us every step of the way. Mary, thank you. As you mentioned, records

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The president is holding rallies in three of the states he won in 2016, while the first lady made an appeal to suburban women and Biden traveled to Georgia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73866652","title":"Biden, Trump campaigns make final sprint with week to Election Day","url":"/WNT/video/biden-trump-campaigns-make-final-sprint-week-election-73866652"}