Bill Cosby Insists the Show Must Go On

Comedy icon continues to perform, as new accusers come forward about sexual abuse.
2:11 | 11/22/14

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Transcript for Bill Cosby Insists the Show Must Go On
A new accuser coming forward. But the comedy icon, continuing to perform, even getting a standing ovation from a women's group. Elizabeth vargas sitting down with one of his accusers. Reporter: The 77-year-old comedian, making a classic joke about marriage last night in the Bahamas. He's still scheduled to perform tonight in Florida. But at least four other venues have cancelled. This, as more women continue to come forward. The latest, saying when she was 19, Cosby gave her pills that made her pass out, and then sexually assaulted her. What do you remember? I wouldn't have taken the pills. Reporter: She says she stayed in contact with him off and on for years, and continued a sexual relationship. So, everything after that night, sounds like it was consensual. I never was an active participant in any sexual intercourse with him. Reporter: Spokespersons for Cosby say that accusers are coming out of the woodwork with unsubstantiated stories. I'm sorry I put myself in circumstances where I should have known better. But he had no right to do that. What does she hope to accomplish coming forward. She wanted to come forward and add her voice to the chorus. She just wants an apology, but doesn't think she will get it. Thanks. And now to a major ABC news investigation. Popular items so many families buy on craigslist. Could some of them put your

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Comedy icon continues to perform, as new accusers come forward about sexual abuse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27095701","title":"Bill Cosby Insists the Show Must Go On","url":"/WNT/video/bill-cosby-insists-show-27095701"}