Cargo jet crashes in Texas

Rescue efforts are underway for any survivors after a Boeing 767 plunged down into Trinity Bay, just east of Houston.
2:19 | 02/24/19

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Transcript for Cargo jet crashes in Texas
An Amazon cargo jet crashing in Texas. The devastating images just coming in. That Boeing 767 going down in Trinity bay, east of Houston, on approach to the airport. At least three people onboard. Search is under way for survivors. You can see what appears to be parts of the Amazon logo there. The FAA said it issued an alert after losing radio contact with that jetliner, 30 miles from the tarmac witnesses capturing on video what appears to be that plane on the horizon there, over the water, just before it crashed. Rescue teams now responding. ABC's David Kerley starting us off. Reporter: Debris on the waters in a bay just off the gulf of Mexico, tonight, highlighting the mystery of a jet that disappeared off radar. See if you can make ground contact, looking for a lost aircraft, about 11:00 and two miles. It's a Boeing 767. No, no ground contact from here. Reporter: The question, why did the Boeing 767 -- a reliable wide-body jetliner -- crash into the bay short of Houston? Searchers finding pieces no witnesses telling authorities the jet hit the water nose first. It looks like total devastation from the aircraft part. We will probably be out here for weeks. Reporter: There was a crew of three aboard. The 767 is owned by atlas air, which does fly for Amazon prime, it was nearing the end of a flight from Miami to Houston. The question tonight, why as it was descending from 34,000 feet kept losing at altitude? No mention of a mayday. There was some weather in the area. The 767 is a very reliable airplane. Reporter: Only a dozen and a half 767s have been lost in the past. The NTSB is launching a team to investigate the unusual crash. David Kerley joins us now. From Reagan national airport. David, this just in, we're hearing late word from Amazon tonight. Yes, just a few moments ago, ING out a statement saying, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the flight crew, their family and friends along with the entire team at atlas air. And they say they're supporting

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Rescue efforts are underway for any survivors after a Boeing 767 plunged down into Trinity Bay, just east of Houston. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61265157","title":"Cargo jet crashes in Texas","url":"/WNT/video/cargo-jet-crashes-texas-61265157"}