CDC issues urgent COVID-19 warning for anyone over 65

The agency says elderly people should avoid maskless indoor public spaces. Bracing for a surge, the White House coronavirus task force also shared a message to anyone who traveled for Thanksgiving.
4:47 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for CDC issues urgent COVID-19 warning for anyone over 65
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a Wednesday night. And we welcomed that hopeful news tonight that the uk is the first country in the world to approve the pfizerccine. The vaccine already being shipped. And tonight, the CDC saying approal could come here within two weeks. But as we wait, a sobering warning tonight. The white house task force telling Americans today that our country is in a very dangerous place, that the covid risk to all Americans is at an historic high. And they are urging everyone over 65 or with significant health conditions to avoid public places if possible and to wear a mask when you leave the house. And tonight, the alarming numbers behind those warnings. 47 states in the red zone for cases. And we are now averaging 180,000 cases every day. A new record for hospitalizations. Nearly 100,000 Americans in the hospital battling this virus. 2,600 lives lost in the past 24 hours, that's nearly the same number as the all-time high last April. And of course, hospitals are under enormous strain. And in Virginia and New York, for example, some are suspending elective surgeries. Doctors and nurses pleading for help. Retired health care workers coming back on the front lines. And so many families effected. The Michigan mother contracting doctors delivering her twins two months early. That mother then put on a ventilator. We have it all covered for you tonight. The vaccines, how soon here and how safe. And we begin with ABC's chief national affairs correspondent Tom llamas leading us off right here in New York. Reporter: Tonight, America facing a new and grim prediction from the CDC as the coronavirus task force is putting out urgent warnings. Anyone over 65, avoid all indoor public spaces where people aren't wearing masks and to try and have groceries and medications delivered. The task force also issuing a stern message to the millions who traveled for Thanksgiving. Anyone under 40 who was with members outside their immediate family should assume they are infected. Saying, "You are dangerous to others and you must isolate away from anyone at increased risk for severe disease and get tested immediately." The reason? The director of the CDC saying there could be 200,000 more deaths in the next three months. I actually believe they're going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. Reporter: A new surge coinciding with the vaccine rollout. Today, operation warp speed said they're estimating emergency approval in just under two weeks, by December 15th. It expects 6.4 million doses of pfizer vaccine available that day and 12.5 million doses of modern expected as soon as a week later. It's just making sure that we have everything locked, so when eua decision comes, distribution to the American people becomes immediate within 24 hours. Reporter: In New York, the original epicenter of the pandemic, massive hospital warehouses like this one are stocked to the roof with supplies. The governor is expecting 170,000 vaccine doses within two weeks in what he calls the largest government operation since World War II. As soon as the vaccines come, these sir ringers could possibly be used. And it's pretty amazing to think that just in this plastic tube, once it's filled with vaccine, it could save someone's life. And it can't come soon enough. The nation set to top 100,000 hospitalizations. Doctors in Michigan had to perform an emergency c-section on Jasmine Logan to deliver her twins. All of this while she's currently infected with the coronavirus. She did everything she could to hold on so our babies could be safe and strong. Reporter: After a healthy delivery, Jasmine had to go on a ventilator. I'm picking my kids up and I can't even see my wife. I can't even take my wife home. Reporter: The emotional toll felt in every corner of hospitals across America. The amount of people dying every day from covid-19 now matching peak levels from April. More than 2,600 deaths reported in the last 24 hrs. We just sit there and hold their hands. They want you to limit 15 minutes in the room, but how do you walk away from someone that's saying, "I just want to We've heard that from so many nurses around the country. Tom llamas back with us live tonight. And Tom, I know you spoke with front line workers in New York today who said they know they're not even seeing the E fekts of Thanksgiving yet? Reporter: That's right. We're seeing spikes all across the country and here in New York and they tell me they're still waiting on that Thanksgiving head of critical care here at mt. Sinai telling me they've opened up an additional icu, David, just to be safe. She says it's not a question of if but when. David? Tom llamas leading us off again tonight. Tom, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The agency says elderly people should avoid maskless indoor public spaces. Bracing for a surge, the White House coronavirus task force also shared a message to anyone who traveled for Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74512560","title":"CDC issues urgent COVID-19 warning for anyone over 65","url":"/WNT/video/cdc-issues-urgent-covid-19-warning-65-74512560"}