Countdown to Christmas: Made in America

See the big push this holiday to buy products made by companies right here at home.
2:58 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Countdown to Christmas: Made in America
Now, to the great made in America Christmas tonight. This evening, viewers across America with their one thing, made in America. The clocks are ticking. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Which is why our great made in America Christmas is back. Are you in in. I'm in. Reporter: And where was she from? Bethlehem, P.A. Reporter: Are you in? I'm in, definitely. Reporter: And then, Santa's helper, too. Where is that hat made? Made in China. Not from the north pole, that's for sure. Reporter: That won't make Santa's elves very happy. Remember, in the '60s, nine out of ten products we bought, made in America. Today, more than half, foreign-made. But we noticed a big change this year. Big name retailers everywhere, men's warehouse, look up, the flag. Inside Joseph Abboud, made in America. Wellman's grocery stores, back where I'm from, they're making it clear. And Walmart. Merry Christmas. Do you notice that the shoppers are asking again, that they want to check the labels? Yes. Reporter: You put it right out there so you can see it. And she was about to show me. Let's do it. First up, the bathroom. Walmart investing in a brand called "Made here." The workers faces right on the back. It's joy. Joy, 30 years, William, too. And we went to find them. The griffin, Georgia, water tower, the sun shining on their 1888 mills factory again. And we found William giving joy a hard time. Back at Walmart, the wine glasses. We can toast to that. We can. Reporter: Little tykes from Ohio. 50 new hires tonight. Coleman coolers, Wichita, Kansas. 15 new jobs. And the candles. And kinex stores, happy in the factory. You heard the criticism that Walmart took jobs overseas, but you've begun to bring them back and has the formula changed? The economics have definitely changed. It can infact be less expensive to make it here. Reporter: We were out to fill up our cart with our viewers on the hunt, too. Debbie from Pittsburgh -- I just finished baking about a batch of cook keeps on my usa ban cookie sheet. Reporter: Tim from Texas. My new Ford f-150. Reporter: And merry Christmas to the Ford workers. Hi, David. Reporter: Proud in Dearborn, tonight. Happy holidays. Hi, "World news tonight." Reporter: And Stephanie, showing awful her American garden tools. Look at the name he spelled would his South Bend woodworks. There was Merrill Christmas! Reporter: And roger's wife, if you are watching, close your eyes. Here they are. Beautiful. Reporter: Made in America jewelry under the tree this year. And in the time it took for this one report, just look at our cart. Merry Christmas, with those three words in mind this year, made in America. So many shoppers this year looking for those three words.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"See the big push this holiday to buy products made by companies right here at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27802998","title":"Countdown to Christmas: Made in America","url":"/WNT/video/countdown-christmas-made-america-27802998"}