COVID-19 cases rise in 30 states, Wisconsin sees ‘exponential grown in infections’

At the debate, President Trump said Americans might have a but vaccine maker Moderna told the Financial Times it won’t apply for approval until at least this November.
4:07 | 10/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 cases rise in 30 states, Wisconsin sees ‘exponential grown in infections’
Of course, the coronavirus will be a major issue driving voters, and tonight, the virus is surging in much of this country. More than 30 states with cases on the rise. And Wisconsin is one of the nation's red Zones. Images coming in from hospitals near capacity. Late today, president trump moving a rally from one Wisconsin city to another, but now, some authorities in that next community are already sounding the alarm. Cases rising in 30 states and Puerto Rico. Most of the country right there in the red. And now, more than 207,000 lives have been lost. In Wisconsin, images from the hospitals, front line workers sounding the alarm. And after the president, during the debate this week, saying he doesn't agree with his top scientists on a timeline for a vaccine, the president saying he goes straight to the drugmakers himself, tonight, two of those key drugmakers delivering their own message about a timeline and one making it clear, no vaccine by election day. ABC's Stephanie Ramos from Wisconsin tonight. Reporter: In Wisconsin, a painfully familiar scene. St. Mary's hospital in Green Bay filling up with covid patients. This department is near capacity. As you can see, looking around, we have patients in most of these rooms. Reporter: And doctors sounding the alarm. We are coming to a breaking point in our ability to do things. You know, we are not overwhelmed, but you know, we're not that far away from that, unless people truly take this really seriously. Reporter: 20% of tests in Wisconsin coming back positive. 30 states are now seeing a rise in covid cases. A long line today in Lakewood, New Jersey, where 1 in 4 people are testing positive for the virus. The city of Boston now in the high risk red zone, after an uptick in cases -- half of those in young adults. You want to be treated as adults? Well, then act it. There's no reason to have parties. We're asking you to be responsible. Reporter: Today, as the last wave of half a million students came back to New York City classrooms, one elementary school in queens forced to shut down after two staffers tested positive. Here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, 32-year-old personal trainer Dan unright never thought the virus would hit him so hard and land him in the same hospital where his wife, a nurse, was treating covid patients. My chest pain started to get worse. When I came back to the room, I realized that I had to rip that mask off and catch my breath. Reporter: You're seeing patients that are struggling with covid every day. It was terrifying. I never expected it to be my family or my husband. I knew how bad it could get. Reporter: Dan was put on oxygen and treated with convalescent plasma. After ten days, he was able to go home. The white house coronavirus task force is seeing exponential growth in infections in Wisconsin, but president trump will still hold rallies there this weekend, moving one rally out of lacrosse to janesville, after the mayor warned the trump team he would likely deny them a permit. Very little social distancing and very little mask wearing had me gravely concerned. Reporter: Local officials now calling on the campaign to cancel the janesville rally, saying it will put people in danger. Tonight, a reality check from vaccine maker moderna, one of the companies the president hoped would have a vaccine by election day. Just this week, at the debate, president trump saying he doesn't agree with his top scientists and is, instead, talking directly with the companies. I've spoken to pfizer, I've spoken to all of the peek that you have to speak to. We have great -- modern, Johnson & Johnson and others. They can go faster than that by a lot. Reporter: Moderna now telling "The financial times" it won't apply for approval until at least late November and wouldn't have wide distribution before next spring. Let's get to Stephanie Ramos tonight. As you mentioned there, modern weighing in, but they're not the only ones. Pfizer now saying tonight it will not produce a vaccine under political pressure. Reporter: That's exactly right, David. The head of pfizer saying the political rhetoric is undercutting public confidence. He can't predict when or if the vaccine will be approved, but he says the world will be safer when we stop talking about the vaccine in political terms and focus instead of the science. David? Stephanie Ramos from Wisconsin. Thank you. And of course, the pandemic

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"At the debate, President Trump said Americans might have a but vaccine maker Moderna told the Financial Times it won’t apply for approval until at least this November.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73373623","title":"COVID-19 cases rise in 30 states, Wisconsin sees ‘exponential grown in infections’","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-cases-rise-30-states-wisconsin-sees-73373623"}