COVID-19 numbers have risen in 23 states

Experts are warning that Florida could become the next epicenter as the state tops 100,000 cases.
4:11 | 06/23/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 numbers have risen in 23 states
And we begin tonight with the alarming news on the coronavirus here in the U.S. Cases rising in at least 23 states. Florida now surpassing 1 00,000 cases. In Texas, the governor there saying the rate of increase is unacceptable. Houston's mayor saying, we are moving very fast in the wrong direction. Around the world tonight, a record number of cases in the last 24 hours. More than 9 million cases worldwide now. Nearly half a million deaths. One-fifth of those cases right here in the United States the more than 120,000 American lives lost now. And fears tonight Florida will be the next epicenter. That new milestone. And tonight, Miami's mayor for one saying masks are now mandatory in public. Texas setting hospitalization records ten days in a row now. In Arizona tonight, 84% of the state's icu beds now have covid patients. ABC's Matt Gutman leads us off from yuma, Arizona, where the president is headed tomorrow. Reporter: Tonight, with more than 120,000 American lives already lost to the coronavirus, respiratory therapist Christina santana is desperate not to lose more. I've never seen anything like this. Seeing people die, seeing people suffer, seeing people just having a hard time breathing. Reporter: Tonight, 12 states hitting records no one wants -- their highest levels ever of coronavirus. In all, the virus rising in 23 states and Puerto Rico. Florida today topping 100,000 cases. Experts warning it could become the next epicenter. More than half of the new cases there, people under 35. And the point of infection for many so similar. The sick individuals have all stated that they've been around a pub, a bar, an event during the holiday weekend. Those types of activities. When we call them, they're freely admitting that, they say, yeah, my friend was at the same pool party, my friend was at the same bar. Reporter: Florida one of the last states to lock down and one of the first to reopen. Today, finally urging everyone to wear masks when social distancing isn't possible. This is a real spike, this is a real trajectory. Reporter: The battle over masks playing out in towns across the country. Officers in California escorting a father and his children out of a Walmart, after police he refused to wear a mask. The governor of Texas who has pushed hard for reopening, today pushing masks. I know that some people feel that wearing a mask is inconvenient or it is an infringement of freedom, but I also know that wearing a mask will help us to keep Texas open. Reporter: The state's infection rate doubling along with hospitalizations, now 3,200 a day. The mayor of Houston now worried. We are moving very fast in the wrong direction. Reporter: And about two months after the virus ravaged New York, signs of hope. The city reopening barbershops and salons. Arizona also notching a record number of hospitalizations. Tents set up outside this Phoenix medical center. And nearly four months after volunteers raced to help on the front lines in New York, yuma's on hospital now calling for every available nurse in the geon and for volunteers. What happens if you have more We are looking at other areas in the state of Arizona or the nation where we can bring in other resources of nurses. Reporter: 50-year-old Garrett Craig says he was the first covid patient to make it out of a ventilator alive at this Arizona hospital. His 30 year son hospitalized with him. I was still going out, wasn't worried about anything, I made it a joke, to be honest. Reporter: Father and son now warning others not to take this virus lightly. Social distancing is important. Wear a mask. It's a miracle that we're both here and we survived. Reporter: And David, public health officials tell us parts of Arizona are in their peak right now and that means there is a surge of people hoping to get tested. In Phoenix over the weekend, people waited for up to 13 hours for a covid test. David? 13 hours. All right, Matt Gutman who has been covering this pandemic from the start. Thank you, Matt.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Experts are warning that Florida could become the next epicenter as the state tops 100,000 cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71394231","title":"COVID-19 numbers have risen in 23 states","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-numbers-risen-23-states-71394231"}