Earthquake Damage to Popular Napa Tourist Destination

Historic buildings in wine country were damaged, and power loss threatens wineries' stock.
2:42 | 08/24/14

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Transcript for Earthquake Damage to Popular Napa Tourist Destination
Napa Valley is as we said the center of California's wine industry heavily populated and a Mecca for honeymooners and wine connoisseurs and tonight. There are only now beginning to take stock of the damage and ABC's Neal Karlinsky is on that part of the story Neil good evening to you. Dan good evening this is the hardest hit part of downtown -- take a look that was a law office up there on the roof in fact is still teetering right now. Underneath -- -- -- carping DM that was a restaurant that was heavily damaged in fact all the way down the line this -- here. A number of businesses. Heavily damaged and officials say it's just lucky that no one was inside when all of this was coming down. The quake struck -- in the heart of the city that prides itself as one of the most pristine sought after destinations in all of California. The -- public area. Tourists some of -- traveled from overseas to be here were left out on the streets. It's the common -- -- please stay away from the buildings that look like they're leaning. The downtown area lined with -- turn of the century buildings like the -- library its bricks falling out of the sidewalk. A nearby department store still trying to assess the damage. They fit. Stability of the collapse. Just yesterday thousands of tourists -- downtown for a music and food festival today hotels are cleaning up. That blast from the -- came and took charge. And fragments everywhere and so any time I tried to -- by god class at my feet. For many Napa means one thing why. By early this morning pictures began to emerge piles of bottles many several hundred dollars each tossed around like garbage. At -- -- -- winery they managed to escape the quake mostly unscathed but their entire 2014. Vintage sits in these tanks. Without power soon it could all be ruined we're gonna try to get to generic test it we've been softball -- some form Tuesday. To moral could be connected city officials meanwhile were busy red tagging at least fifteen buildings now believed to be unseat. They see the impact here could've been so much. We have a different scenario. -- -- in some ways already begun to return to normal around here in fact just a block from all this restaurants and businesses are now open. Schools throughout the area though will be closed tomorrow as officials inspect those buildings to make sure. They're safe. -- as you said it could have been a lot worse Neal Karlinsky thank you.

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{"id":25107233,"title":"Earthquake Damage to Popular Napa Tourist Destination ","duration":"2:42","description":"Historic buildings in wine country were damaged, and power loss threatens wineries' stock.","url":"/WNT/video/earthquake-damage-popular-napa-tourist-destination-25107233","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}