Extreme Weather Across America

Epic cold front freezes Western parts of U.S., DC hotter than Death Valley
1:51 | 01/13/13

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Across America
easier to get better. Hot where it's usually cold. Cold where it's supposed to be warm. In santa fe, new mexico, it will be 7 degrees as they approach midnight. In las vegas, it'll be just 25. In the east tomorrow, it'll be 60 in washington, d.C. And a balmy 48 degrees in portland, maine. Look at this tonight, a resort in scottsdale, arizona, those are icicles. On a fountain with that more familiar scene in the backdrop, a cactus. For farmers across the country these freezing temperatures could spell disaster. Here's abc's clayton sandell from the heartland. Reporter: California citrus farmers are bracing for another cold night. Growers have been up since roughly 11:00 at night through 11:00 in the morning monitoring their frost protection equipment. Reporter: Fans are stirring up warmer air to help growers and consumers dodge an icy bullet. So far prices at the supermarket are not expected to jump. When you've got $1.5 billion worth of fruit sitting on a tree, there's a lot of reason to be nervous. Reporter: Further east severe thunderstorms are tearing across louisiana all the way to the great lakes. The national weather service today confirmed this church in hampton, kentucky, was hit by a tornado loaded with 120-mile-an-hour winds. This is january. You don't typically think about tornadoes and winds, stuff like that. Reporter: Near chicago roads turned icy slick. Along the east coast, thick fog shrouded maine to the carolinas and in new york may have been a factor in a crash that left one man dead. Fog also obscured rehearsals for next week's presidential inauguration. ♪ but like much of the east, washington, d.C. Was relatively warm with a temperature hotter than death valley. In atlanta, football fans headed to the stadium in shorts. Definitely not shorts weather here in denver where you can see the temperature is only 10 degrees, and in the next few days all this cold air is moving east, david.

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{"id":18204836,"title":"Extreme Weather Across America","duration":"1:51","description":"Epic cold front freezes Western parts of U.S., DC hotter than Death Valley","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-america-18204836","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}