What to look out for in the final presidential debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden will face off against President Donald Trump Thursday night, with only 12 days to go before the election.
4:12 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for What to look out for in the final presidential debate
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this Thursday night. And tonight, the final debate. The presidential candidates facing off on the same stage for the last time, with just 12 days now until election day. At least 47 million Americans have already cast their votes. That's 99% of the total early vote four years ago. And again, we have 12 days to go. The candidates with another major opportunity to make their case tonight. And after the first debate with constant interruptions and shouting, that new rule. President trump leading the white house for Nashville. First lady Melania trump with him. The president arriving in Tennessee. The white house says he tested negative on air force one. Joe Biden making his way to Tennessee, as well, today, saying he expects personal attacks from the president. There's the stage at Belmont university, where there will be that change with the mics. Muting one candidate while the other is giving their two-minute answers. Will it work? ABC's Mary Bruce leads us off from Nashville. Reporter: Joe Biden today heading to Nashville for the final debate. The candidates soon face-to-face for the first time since their clash in Cleveland and the president's covid diagnosis. Hopefully he's going to play by the rules. Hopefully everybody's been tested. Hopefully it's all worked out, the way the rules are. I'm looking forward to this. Reporter: President trump and the first lady also making their way, leaving the white house, the first time we've seen her publicly since she contracted the white house announcing that aboard air force one this afternoon, the president testing negative. The pandemic is expected to be front and center on the debate stage. Biden planning to hammer trump over his handling of this crisis, but the president has been eager to move on. Covid, covid, covid, covid. Covid, covid, covid, covid. That's all they put on because they want to scare the hell out of everyone. Reporter: Trump has spent the week on the attack, going after everyone from Dr. Anthony Fauci to tonight's debate moderator, Kristen Welker of NBC, to Lesley Stahl of "60 minutes," after trump cut short their interview. Today, he accused Stahl of "Bias, hatred and rudeness," going so far as to release white house video of the interview. In clips later released by CBS, Stahl presses him on his response to the pandemic and why he is not urging supporters at his packed rallies to wear masks. Why aren't you getting up there and saying, I had it. I don't want you to get it. So please -- Lesley -- Put your mask on. We hand out masks to everybody that comes to the rally. We tell them to wear their masks. But you don't and they love you. Oh, I don't know, Lesley. I tell them wear it. And they -- if they heard you say it -- They wear -- I have no problem. No problem -- They love you. They would pay attention. Next question. Go ahead. Go ahead. They would pay attention to anything you said. I hope you're right. Reporter: Stahl then pushing trump on Obamacare. The administration is asking the supreme court to throw it out. Trump promised to reveal a replacement plan more than a year ago. He tells "60 minutes" one is, quote, fully developed, but minutes later says he will come up with a plan if the law is overturned. Down in the polls and on defense, trump needs a win tonight. His lawyer Rudy Giuliani says attacking Biden's son hunter will be his number one message. Biden's team says he's bracing for trump to go personal, and to try to interrupt like he did at the last debate. I'm not going to answer -- Why wouldn't you answer that question? The question is -- Radical left -- Will you shut up, man? Reporter: In his own interview with "60 minutes," the former vice president trying to get ahead of another potential trump line of attack on whether he'll expand the supreme court. Biden still not giving a clear answer, but saying he would name a special commission to recommend reforms to the court. It's getting out of whack, the way in which it's being handled. Let's get right to Mary Bruce, live at the debate site in Nashville tonight. Mary, we all remember the constant interruptions in the first debate. The commission taking steps to try and prevent that from happening tonight. Reporter: David, this is a first. Here tonight, the candidates microphones will be muted at points, when their rival is answering a question. As you can see here behind me, the candidates will be standing more than 12 feet apart. There will be no opening statements, no handshakes. And the president's chief of staff says that unlike at the first debate, tonight, the entire trump team will be wearing masks. All right, Mary Bruce, thank

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden will face off against President Donald Trump Thursday night, with only 12 days to go before the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73772779","title":"What to look out for in the final presidential debate","url":"/WNT/video/final-presidential-debate-73772779"}