Fire Crews Fight to Preserve Yosemite's Giant Sequoias

Crews work to keep flames from reaching homes, treasures of the park.
3:42 | 08/25/13

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Transcript for Fire Crews Fight to Preserve Yosemite's Giant Sequoias
New threat this evening to fierce winds now fueling the fire. Burning in Yosemite National Park winds expected through the evening and tonight Natalie -- fire crews trying to keep the flames from reaching thousands of homes. -- now battling to protect those famous giant -- is the ancient treasures of the park. The fire is not reach them but so many other trees the fire has reached 133000. Acres a huge part of the park. Already chart. Just listen to a tonight the sound of the bone dry timber going up in flames and our team visiting that crucial reservoir in the park. We're San Francisco gets its water supply. Contributing to that state of emergency in Florida. Tonight it's 47 fires -- -- western states the biggest fight. Right -- at Yosemite. That's where we begin here would ABC's Neal Karlinsky again tonight. Tonight the fighting inside Yosemite is hot and intense. Crews are just trying to stop the fire they're trying to protect the -- of the perks of being sick employers. Three dozen in all the huge trees are among the oldest living things on earth -- teens have been assigned just to them. I'm from Virginia through that. You'll titans they're different and this is Depp commander. -- through some pretty extreme fire behavior that where you can aren't here. More teams are inside the park to protect the area around the massive -- -- -- reservoir we saw first -- fiery is close to the area that supplies. 85%. Of San Francisco's water cause enough for the governor to declare a state of emergency and put public utility crews on alert to monitor the waters quality. It's still actively burning as we speak. It has affected our our our water and power system on the road outside the park. Crews are cutting down burned three they -- widow makers because they fall without warning further to the north the now familiar sight more families displaced. -- evacuating as the fire burns their way fifteen minutes to be at our house and we only that our kids. Our -- isn't -- that -- the pictures it was hard elsewhere air choked with thick smoke and dashes that the problem. He could feel its program. With pretty had a market you have to get sinus infection and -- -- This is what firefighters are working so hard to protect. These pictures were taken inside Yosemite on Saturday by tourists here from the UK amazed that the player is nowhere to be seen inside. For now. We're here at the side of Yosemite that is being closed off and is now being protected by firefighters this fire remains very intense only about 7% contained. It's burning hot they're having a very hard time getting ahold of this one David all right Neil Karlinsky leading assault -- thanks to you want to bring an ABC meteorologist ginger -- As we've been saying here that major threat tonight to win. Right and that is what is inside only a little as we get into the start of the work -- I have to show you David the real problems going to be the heat and of course the dry conditions is going -- even hotter and -- as we start this week right there. And that part of California also the flooding and the heat -- watching as we turn to another week right huge headlines coming out and we've got flash flooding that's happening right now in the southwest you can see some pictures fresh and from near needles California where US and 95 meets highway forty I forty. They had to shut down in both ways because of all that rain. Greater than half points in just fifteen minutes had to shut its not over and this is two day event here really mostly tonight -- early tomorrow -- could -- two plus inches very quickly and then quickly -- but I have to Italian. -- in the midwest. It is record breaking Minneapolis today hit 96 they'll stay in the ninety's a legitimate he waits for Chicago Saint Louis and Kansas City.

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{"id":20063412,"title":"Fire Crews Fight to Preserve Yosemite's Giant Sequoias","duration":"3:42","description":"Crews work to keep flames from reaching homes, treasures of the park.","url":"/WNT/video/fire-crews-fight-preserve-yosemites-giant-sequoias-20063412","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}