Florida Braces for Direct Hit From Hurricane Matthew

3:43 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Florida Braces for Direct Hit From Hurricane Matthew
We begin tonight with the monster hurricane moving toward the US in tonight millions of Americans are now being told to prepare for that possibility. Of a direct hit. Let's get right to the pictures tonight authorities say this could be the biggest mass evacuation ever. Hundreds of thousands of families already in their cars racing to get out of a possible path across several states tonight. Authority saying do not be complacent the lions forming outside this Costco near Orlando. The satellite at this hour showing the scope of the hurricane deadly already 300 miles across. And tonight news video just in from hurricane hunters flying white through the eye of the storm. But of course what everyone is watching that new track just in tonight from Miami north of Charleston opt for Wilmington. And now that possibility that this could spin around and hit more than once. Je Jersey standing by around at the first ABC's GOP leaders in South Florida. Tonight in Florida time is running out the southeast preparing for direct hit from hurricane Matthews when you look at this of the storm as it goes long East Coast perhaps repair counting. So it could be the biggest evacuation ever. Matthew potentially fill worst storm to hit the sunshine state in over a decade. Now straight that he over open water wins over a 120 miles an hour. Wreaking Havoc across the Caribbean for the past point 40 for making a second landfall overnight in eastern Cuba leveling the town of Batticaloa. Officials in Haiti still trying to assess the past five deaths reported so far. But the main bridge that connects to the heart itself is washed out. Officials now postponing Sunday's presidential election indefinitely. People are worried about the potential for landslides and even possibly. Cholera it's typical to know the full extent of the damage on this island because in some of the area's most impacted by hurricane Matthew communication has been cut off. Matthew now barreling toward the Bahamas in Nassau airport clue residents who stayed behind. Fearing the worse my stomach does me that this won't be back at least 3500. Tourists hunkering down in hotels Alex Perez has the Nassau. 73000 people right out the stormy here at the iconic Atlantis hotel about 90% of them Americans they'll spend the night in a conference room turn into a shelter. And now with just 24 hours ago. Florida and much of the southeast tracking the storm's every move we're going to get whatever comes out of snagging a category two we're in trouble has been a while but. You know the others others are just like tropical storms or are there right this is a little scary residents forced to choose to evacuate or stock up. Supplies running low tempers running high. This is the line and nerdy Ben to. Three gas stations that have shut down because they're out of gas. These lines may be long but these people are the lucky ones because most of the gas stations in this area have already run out of gas. The governor calling up 500 National Guard troops the president today warning Reza so few get in evacuation order. Just remember that you can always rebuild you can always repair property. You cannot. Restore life if it is lost and we want to make sure that we minimize. Any possible loss of life or risk. Two people. In these areas. And you believe this is with us live in South Florida tonight and GO you were telling us there are concerns this evening about fuel and we can see the lines right there behind you. That's right David plenty of gas here even with those long lines but I gotta tell yet we've been to several gas stations so many of them without fuel all day long. The governor insists there is no shortage. But he's watching that closely it will be a concern moving forward GO thank you.

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