Global Outrage Over 276 Abducted Nigerian School Girls

Kidnapper threatens to sell the girls, can the U.S. help find them?
2:43 | 05/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Global Outrage Over 276 Abducted Nigerian School Girls
There's an urgent call for help going stronger minute by minute -- around the globe and this is the cry. Bring back our girls. Nearly 300 young school girls kidnapped by a man with ties to al-Qaeda in Nigeria he says he will -- girls that it's wrong for them to go to school. Their families are in anguish as the world debates what to do and ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz starts us off. It is the face of evil the leader of the kidnappers smiley. With that taunting chilling warning I -- -- girls they are our slaves I will sell them in the market the girls did. When the gunman stormed in loading the girls onto trucks. Tonight anguished parents of the missing are speaking out and death sentence into. We cannot sleep said this mother thinking of our daughter and the other girls and wondering what they are going through. It is the work of Boca Iran which means western education is a sin. Loosely affiliated with al-Qaeda the responsible for dozens of massacres. Including the slaughter of about fifty teenage school boys earlier this year. These girls are among some fifty who did manage to escape reporter Alexis appeal while spoke to one. The -- -- alarm they're nervous they're not sure what's going on that these men they're -- him out of bed and there you -- outside their team and just big trucks. The girl says she made a break for a while that terrorists caravan was stopped spreading into the woods running all the next day finally reunited with her family. All of this because she wanted to go to school. They're heroes I mean for attendance for -- the -- -- she -- attend school. But -- -- really I believe ranks take revenge on the fact that these girls wanted to do better and insults. Nigeria's president today promised the -- would be found. But promises mean little -- -- desperate marchers in the streets and little to quiet the wave of online support building across the globe. Over the past week the hash tag. Bring back our girls has been used more than 800000. Times. Including by Hillary Clinton and a string of well known names calling for action. If so Nigerians want the US could possibly provide intelligence including overhead satellite imagery. The terror group is likely hiding out in extremely remote areas of the nation. But tonight Diane the US is vowing to help in any way it -- Martha Raddatz reporting.

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{"id":23598872,"title":"Global Outrage Over 276 Abducted Nigerian School Girls ","duration":"2:43","description":"Kidnapper threatens to sell the girls, can the U.S. help find them?","url":"/WNT/video/global-outrage-276-abducted-nigerian-school-girls-23598872","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}