Some GOP senators urge Trump to concede

While most Republican senators have yet to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden won, a growing number have said he should receive classified intelligence briefings.
3:38 | 11/13/20

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Transcript for Some GOP senators urge Trump to concede
Meantime, president trump has remained largely out of sight. He's not addressed the country's worsening coronavirus situation. His tweets still largely on the election. And tonight, the growingumber of Republican senators who say it's time to start giving President-Elect Joe Biden the intelligence briefings incoming presidents get to keep this untry safe. And one republic senator saying if it doesn't start by the end of this week, he'll step in. Here's our chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl tonight. Reporter: There are signs tonight Republican support for the president's give-no-ground posture is crumbling. While most Republican senators have yet to acknowledge have yet to concede Joe Biden won the election, a growing number are now saying it's time for Biden T receive the classified intelligence briefings normally given to a President-Elect. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma was the first to make that demand. If that's not occurring by Friday, I will step in as well to be able to push and to say this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, Ver way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task. Reporter: And today, a number of others agreed. I do think they're going to have to work that out in very short order. Reporter: All told, at least ten Republican senators, including trump loyalist Lindsey graham, said it's time for Biden to get those Intel briefings. White house press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany was asked today if the president has considered of Biden the briefings. Her answer left many confused. Has the president considered that? I haven't spoken to the president about that, that would be a question more for the white house. Reporter: A question for the white house? She's the white house press secretary. This is not just about national security. With most of the country seeing record numbe covid-19 infections and hospitalizations, the Biden transition team has not yet been able to coordinate with the white house coronavirus task force, all because the president refuses to admit even the possibility he lost the election. As for the president's own actions, he has not addressed the alarming increase in coronavirus cases, in fact, he hasn't said a word in public about anything for a week. Most Republicans in congress still aren't calling on trump to concede, but across the country, slowly but surely, a growing number of prominent Republicans are saying it is time, including today, Ohio governor Mike dewine. Joe Biden is the President-Elect. Reporter: And longtime Republican strategist Karl rove, who advised the president during the campaign, published an article in "The Wall Street journal" entitled "This election result won't be overturned. "Rowe urged the president to do his part to unite the country by leading a peaceful transition and letting agreeances go. Even the president's friend, Geraldo Rivera, says it's over. Time to say good-bye with grace and dignity. I know it's hard T to hear,ut that's the way I feel about this now. So, let's get right to Jon Karl, with us live from Washington tonight. And Jon, of course, this is all ening as the coronavirus crisis explodes in this country and the president, of course, still the president until the inauguration, has not said anything publicly on what Americans can do or should do to protect one another. Of course, especially with the holidays coming. Reporter: Honestly, David, the president has been nowhere on this. He hasn't spoken about the alarming increase in infect he has not met with the coronavirus task force for months. He hasn't even tweeted about it. But today, we learned that another one of his advisers who was at that election night party at the white house has tested positive for covid-19, this time, it's Corey Lewandowski. All right, Jon Karl tonight. Thank you, Jon.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"While most Republican senators have yet to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden won, a growing number have said he should receive classified intelligence briefings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74179455","title":"Some GOP senators urge Trump to concede","url":"/WNT/video/gop-senators-urge-trump-concede-74179455"}