Hearing begins for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Today's hearing started with a protest, but ended with Kavanaugh saying judges should be like "umpires -- a neutral and impartial arbiter."
3:49 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for Hearing begins for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
the white house. Heari for supreme our nominee belt cavanah.ened before the ING couldven begin and at one point today, the tensionsere sohigh, judge kavanaugh'children, his youngda had toeremoved. Demos furioushat 42,000 pages reting T Recor were just reveal on eve of Aring. Republicans furioushe other si trying to delay because of that. Hing it Al Terry Moran, who has coverhe court F years for us. Eporter: Bore judge Brett Kavanaugh's hearing even began, Democrats tried TD it.ion hearinof Brett Kavanaugh. Mr. Chairman? Repor oe, raising objections -- We bhooef this hng should be postponed. Repor talking overhe Republican chairman, senator chuck grassley of Iowa. I move T adjou this hearing. Reporter: Is all carefully choreographed, and it wasn't long before pro chimed in, too. All the while, the nominee sitting stone-faced,although, as the roo grew eve raucou his young daughters we. Apparely, it wasn't ene T for kids. At issue for Democrats today - transparency. Er00nts from Kavanaugh's long paper trail from hisime a a key aide I the georgw. Bush white house mpcoittee. This, ter the trump administration claimed executive privilege lease of tof thousand more. Democrs claim Ty can do their job,luate and vote on the nominee, witch idence misng. Weouldn'te anintern, seeing 90% of time, and this the supremurt. Epublicansed back at thcolleagues. Thiss the first hearing I've sn mob rule. Reporter: -- Struggling to defend theirinee throu the clamorprotestersontinued. Wish youhe because we're going to up. Much at rats are makingclear, thesk tough estions on the I of presidential P and theesident who nominated vanaugh. His is a pride who has shown us contl that he's contemptuous of the rulef la reaconcer trump's nominee who hastten that sitting presidents shouldn't B investigated, could protect T presidif challenge to the Mueller prob our and lng over edge se here, the tkavanaugh's likely confon would cement a conservative 5-ajority on the gera rst time in decades, put decisions like roe versus wade back up for debate. Indivl on at court can . Rorter: At the end of the long day, finally, the committee independ. I do not D cases based on personal or policy preferenceam not a p-plaintiffr prdefendant Jue. I am not a pro-prosecution or pro-defejudge. I am a pro-law judge.ryor om the capitol Terry, thatringg up ago, lasting nely eighthours, by our count red will have chance to start questioningge naugh tomorrow. E hringsious already. But terry,me re, do Democrats have the power to thomorge that would real court a tion? Reporter: He would, David, the odds a long against Deats. Da they tried to fire up theirbase, gra the public's attention so iheomingays when they go at him, C show inheir view he's not fit for theurt. But they don the votes, D with Joh kyl, a conserva STAAR arizona forme setor, who has been shepherdi Kavanaugh throh the nominion process, tohn mn's sea the odds got even Terry, thank you. There have new developments Ming in tight after that deadly labor D weekend

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Today's hearing started with a protest, but ended with Kavanaugh saying judges should be like \"umpires -- a neutral and impartial arbiter.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57603981","title":"Hearing begins for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh","url":"/WNT/video/hearing-begins-supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaugh-57603981"}