Helicopter crashes into Hudson River

A helicopter that had just refueled at a heliport on the West Side of Manhattan suddenly lost altitude and fell into the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon.
2:15 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Helicopter crashes into Hudson River
Steve, thank you. We're going to move onto the other breaking story here tonight. A helicopter crashing into the river in New York City. It happened just after taking off after refueling, preparing to pick up passengers. Instead, spinning out of control, losing altitude and crashing into the Hudson, ending up upside down. The pie lo pilot was the only one onboard, escaping with his life. ABC's Eva pilgrim is alonghudson tonight. Reporter: A near brush with death. A helicopter pilot escaping after this terrifying crash in New York City. Watch as the chopper spins right into the Hudson river. Holy . There's a -- a helicopter just crashed! Reporter: It had taken off shortly after refueling to go pick up passengers when something went wrong. Weere looking out on the water and then all of a sudden, we saw this splash and we looked out and there was a helicopter. Reporter: Authorities say the chapper lost altitude. He crash-landed into the water, approximately 150 feet from the helipad. Reporter: The helicopters flotation devices deployed, but with the blades cutting through the water, the chopper flipped over. We see the helicopter and at first, maybe I thought it was a stunt, because it was starting to wobble a little bit, and you know, then it started to become a little bit more suspicious, and the next thing you know, it disappeared. Reporter: Onboard, the 34-year-old pilot was able to escape, standing on one of those floatation devices until a passing ferry boat picked him up. I called out to him, you know, said okay and he came right up the ladder. Reporter: This incident unfolding about 14 months after five passengers lost their lives in New York's east river, unable to escape a chopper that crashed into the icy waters during a sight-seeing flight. Tonight, the NTSB investigating what caused this latest helicopter to go down. That pilot walking away with only a cut to his hand. And Eva pilgrim reporting in tonight from near the scene of the crash. And Eva, you mentioned there that the pie lot was rescued by a passing ferry. And we know this isn't the first time one of those boats, those ferries, actually helped in rescue efforts here in New York City. Reporter: That's right, David. In 32 years, New York waterways has rescued him 300 people. One of the more famous, the miracle on the Hudson. As for the captain who rescued this pilot here, he says this is his second in ten years. That's incredible. Eva, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"A helicopter that had just refueled at a heliport on the West Side of Manhattan suddenly lost altitude and fell into the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63064047","title":"Helicopter crashes into Hudson River","url":"/WNT/video/helicopter-crashes-hudson-river-63064047"}