Joe Biden slams Trump over alleged comments about fallen American soldiers

Biden came out with his angriest denunciation of Trump yet, saying that if an article in "The Atlantic" is true, the president is not fit for office.
3:29 | 09/04/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden slams Trump over alleged comments about fallen American soldiers
other moms facing the same Good evening. It's great to have you with us as we head into the labor day weekend. I'm Tom llamas in for David. We begin tonight with the firestorm erupting over a amazoning report accusing president trump of making insulting comments about fallen American troops. The atlantic quoting anonymous sources saying the president referred to them as suckers and losers. President trump fiercely denying the allegations over the last 24 hours. A furious Joe Biden, whose late son beau serve in the Iraq, tearing into the president today, saying if the comments are true, he isn't fit to be commander in chief. White house pushing back hard, lining up former and current members of the administration. Jonathan Karl a leads us off tonight. Reporter: Joe Biden came out today with his angriest denunciation of Donald Trump yet, pointing to an article in "The atlantic" alleging that the president referred to American war dead as suckers and losers. If the article is true, and it appears to be based on other things he said, it is absolutely damning. It is a disgrace. It is so unamerican. It is so unpatriotic. Reporter: The article, based entirely on anonymous sources, portrays the president as someone with contempt for military service. It describes a November 2018 trip to France. The president was supposed to visit a World War I cemetery where American troops are buried, but the white house canceled the visit, saying bad weather made it impossible for the president's helicopter to fly. "The atlantic" article alleges trump said, why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers. The president heard about the story while on air force one last night. As soon as he landed, he summoned reporters to the dark tarmac and angrily denied it all. I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. Reporter: Multiple people who are with the president on the France trip, including trump critic John Bolton said today on the record that they never heard the president call dead American troops suckers or losers. Joe Biden said he finds the story believable because of the president's past comments, including what he said in 2015 about John McCain. He's a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured, okay? Reporter: Biden said the allegations in the article show trump is not fit to be commander in chief. How would you feel if you had a kid in Afghanistan right now? How would you feel if you lost a son, daughter, husband, wife? Reporter: The president firmly denied the story again today, saying those who serve in the military are heroes. It's a fake story win by a magazine that was probably not going to be around much longer. But it was a totally fake story. Jon Karl joins us live now from the white house. President trump speaking with reporters just moments ago, and you asked him if he regrets insulting John McCain's military service. Reporter: He told me he respected McCain, but made it perfectly clear he has absolutely no regret for what he said about him, saying he's not a war hero, that he preferred people that aren't captured. As the president told me a few minutes ago, quote, I say what I say. Jon, thank you for that.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Biden came out with his angriest denunciation of Trump yet, saying that if an article in \"The Atlantic\" is true, the president is not fit for office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72826669","title":"Joe Biden slams Trump over alleged comments about fallen American soldiers","url":"/WNT/video/joe-biden-slams-trump-alleged-comments-fallen-american-72826669"}