Listeria Outbreak Moves Across Several States

Cheeses said to be the source of the food-borne illness have been recalled.
1:38 | 07/06/13

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Transcript for Listeria Outbreak Moves Across Several States
A health alert this evening. An outbreak of listeria at least one person died, several hospitalized already. The outbreak across several states tonight. Aditi roy on what is behind this outbreak. Reporter: It's the latest food to fall prey to listeria, crave brothers le frere cheese, sold nationwide, including whole foods, they have taken it off their shelves. One dead, five are hospitalized, cases in minnesota, illinois, indiana and ohio. The cdc and fda are warning consumers. Like every other manufactured item, cars are recalled, doesn't stop you from buying it. Reporter: The company crave brothers farms from wisconsin says it is cooperating with investigators and voluntarily recalled three cheeses sold in 30 states and the district of columbia. Health officials suspect a pregnant woman may have miscarried from eating the contaminated cheese. Those who are exposed or get ill, almost 20% of those individuals can succumb and die. Reporter: Dr. Bender says there is a risk the outbreak could grow. If we're just starting to detect the cases now there could be additional cases. Reporter: The symptoms include fever, chills, severe headache and vomiting. The cdc says the cheese could be in stores, restaurants and people's homes. We left messages with crave brothers but have not heard back. Listeria is deadly. A former outbreak kied 30 people. Look for more information on

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{"id":19597214,"title":"Listeria Outbreak Moves Across Several States","duration":"1:38","description":"Cheeses said to be the source of the food-borne illness have been recalled.","url":"/WNT/video/listeria-outbreak-moves-states-19597214","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}