Made in America, Christmas Edition: The Store America Built

Inside the new store at the Mall of America that fellow Americans built.
3:41 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Made in America, Christmas Edition: The Store America Built
Now, our made in america team is back in action, because 40% of retail sales take place between thanksgiving and christmas. And, the more items we buy made in america, the more american jobs we can create together. And there's proof tonight. One of your ideas led abc's david muir to the iconic mall of america, where it turns out, you, our viewers, can see what you've done. Reporter: The ideas pouring in from the you videoers. Fa families looking for their one thing. If we spend $64 on anything made in america, we can create 200,000 jobs. Tonight, as diane mentioned, proof of that power, as we track one of your ideas that we first reported on a year ago. Have viewers made a difference? We traveled to the iconic mall of america. Minneapo minneapolis, minnesota. Inside, santa taking those requests. David muir with world news, how are you? Oh, good. How are you? Reporter: Just curious. Those kids sitting on santa's lap, how much of what they're asking for is made in america? Oh, oh, I guess -- I guess -- I guess -- Reporter: Even the elf stumped, telling us he can't answer those kinds of questions. The famous rides in the mall and mom kim, bringing her daughter all the way from baltimore. Came all the way to the mall of america -- to shop. Reporter: How much do you think was made in america? In here? Reporter: But if you look closely enough, we guarantee you'll find made in america. So many "world news" viewers e-mailing diane a year ago about one simple item. A tervis tumbler. That sign a year ago after our first record, made in america. It turns out so many viewers placed orders, the company says it helped them build a new store, opening this week here in the biggest mall in america. Are we the first customers? In fact, they opened nine stores since last christmas, nearly 100 new employees. You were not in the mall of america a year ago. No. thank you, "world news"! Reporter: Which brings us to another factory where "world news" viewers are already bringing christmas cheer. Closing downed but after we reporteded they were trying to open up again -- you have 80 additional people since our last report? Yeah. Reporter: And this week, a tour of their newest shop. I love it. You casee it right here. Made in america, all over. Reporter: We wanted to know about donny, who had been called back to the assembly line. Tonight, they tell us he's gone from part time to full time. Here I am. I'm back again. Reporter: And from his coworkers -- thank you, "world news"! Reporter: And in a tiny neighborhood outside st. Louis, missouri, tonight, they hope they're next. At the corner of 8th and betten, the sign. Welcome, made in america. Come on in. Reporter: Thank you. This inventor taking us into the factory, where they are making protect tv cases for your iphone. They hold your credit cards, too. Her own made in america ads on youtube. Water resistant. They can take a beating. When we asked her why make it in america? To -- it's so weird. Why am I crying? Reporter: He said similarly her father was a veteran. It's that important to you. Yeah. Reporter: You can do better? You're convinced of it. Pitching her product to me, too. Reporter: As you can see, her pitch worked. Bought another american made product. Her company, you can look it up, you can find a link on our list of made in america companies. She would spend hours in the middle of the night skyping to china, but was determined to make it here. So was tervis. And the fairbault mill. Merry christmas. I didn't wrap it. Christmas comes early. Thank you, david. And thanks to all of you, our viewers in this g to.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Inside the new store at the Mall of America that fellow Americans built.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17889625","title":"Made in America, Christmas Edition: The Store America Built","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-christmas-edition-store-america-built-17889625"}