Man attempts to break into cockpit on American Airlines flight

Officials were able to subdue the man until the flight landed in Honolulu.
2:47 | 05/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man attempts to break into cockpit on American Airlines flight
Good evening. Great to have you with us on a Friday night. We begin with the emergency playing out onboard an American airlines flight. Reports of a man trying to break into the cockpit. Authorities say he was holding a laptopcomputer. F-22s alongside. The man was stopped, subdued, taken off the plane in handcuffs. David Kerley in Washington, what have you learned? Reporter: As you mentioned, American airlines flight was met by law enforcement when it landed in Honolulu, and had been escorted by two f-22 aircraft. And the man is in detention at this hour. We're told that the man, said to be a foreign national, tried to reach the cockpit. He was standing near a restroom with a laptop in his hand. He was told to sit down. That's when he made a move, trying to open the cockpit door. We're told that law enforcement officials are analyzing what they're calling a suspicious item, not confirming it was the laptop. But the threat of explosives hidden in laptops has led to a ban on computers larger than a cell phone on flights co. It's a growing concern by security and intelligence officials. David, thank you. Matt Gutman is outside Honolulu. Passengers onboard that flight, witnessing this disturbing scene. Reporter: That's right. 181 passengers, 6 crew members, seeing him subdued, taken down, and hauled off in handcuffs. We know all the passengers are off the plane, they're safe. There was about a 30-minute delay here in Honolulu, but airport officials are trying to make it up. And the two F-22s, escorting the plane back to Honolulu. Coming from air bases like the one right behind me. No word on a motive, but the reason this alerted authorities, because the man was waiting near the bathroom with the laptop. Amid concerns about laptops on flights around the world. Matt, thank you. We're also following breaking governments involving president trump tonight.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Officials were able to subdue the man until the flight landed in Honolulu.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"47523383","title":"Man attempts to break into cockpit on American Airlines flight","url":"/WNT/video/man-attempts-break-cockpit-american-airlines-flight-47523383"}