Mass vaccination sites struggle to meet soaring demand

Across the country, vaccination site phone lines are jammed and websites are crashing after more people were granted access to the vaccine. COVID-19 deaths continue to soar.
3:07 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Mass vaccination sites struggle to meet soaring demand
And of course, the other major story amid all of this is the worsening pandemic in this country. The rapid spread of that uk variant in more than a dozen states here in the U.S. The surge is now worse than what we saw here in the U.S. In the spring and summer. The U.S. Now reporting more than 387,000 American lives lost. Dire images coming in from los Angeles county. One person now dying every six minutes there. And on the vaccine tonight, 30 million vaccine shots have been sent out across the country, but only about a third have been given. And we've learned tonight that Americans are now lining up, hoping to get the leftover vaccine shots that had been reserved for high priority groups. Here's Matt Gutman on that tonight. Reporter: Tonight, one person dying every six minutes in L.A. County. The grim work of managing that toll falls to the L.A. Coroner's office. Teaming including National Guard laying out those body bags in the parking lot, then moving the bodies into those refrigerated trucks. Nearly 4,000 American lives reported lost to the virus in 24 hours. Making the race to vaccinate even more urgent. From California to New York, mass vaccination sites struggling to meet soaring demand. In Long Island, 88-year-old Charlotte Mckenna in line for a shot. I'm very grateful. Reporter: But no luck for her 65-year-old daughter who just became eligible. Once it went to 65, that was there was not one ounce of availability on any site. Reporter: This location booked through April. The state gets 300,000 doses each week. But at that rate, it would take six months to reach the 7 million new yorkers now eligible to get that first shot. And across the country, confusion. Phone lines jammed, websites crashing. This has been really frustrating, because there's nowhere to turn. There's no options, no matter how smart you are. Reporter: Hospitals just as swamped as vaccination sites. The antelope valley hospital has one of the biggest E.R.S in the state of California. 30 or 40 people may be waiting for beds at any given time. And that's why they received this field hospital with 50 beds that is typically deployed to disaster Zones like Iraq or Haiti. The field hospital is ready to go, but for one thing -- oxygen. So everything is ready, the thing that's missing is oxygen? Oxygen. We need a large quantity of oxygen, at all times, constantly, we can never run out because if we run out -- Reporter: They could die. They could die. Reporter: And looming over all of it, that uk variant, now confirmed in 13 states. It's not more deadly but it is more contagious. The family of Felicia parker says she lost her life to that variant. I wish she would have had a chance at life. She's only 40 years old. It's the life gone too soon. Matt Gutman and our signal to Matt from Los Angeles apparently frozen, we'll move onto the other news tonight and we thank for Matt's report. Now to the economy and the pandemic taking a toll on American jobs. More than 165,000 Americans filing first-time unemployment claims. And Joe Biden unveiling his $2 trillion American rescue plan tonight. So, let's get right to Mary Bruce with us, and Mary, the

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Across the country, vaccination site phone lines are jammed and websites are crashing after more people were granted access to the vaccine. COVID-19 deaths continue to soar. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75260716","title":"Mass vaccination sites struggle to meet soaring demand","url":"/WNT/video/mass-vaccination-sites-struggle-meet-soaring-demand-75260716"}