McCartney's Magic Comeback Performance

Paul McCartney is back on stage after illness sidetracked him for nearly two months.
2:25 | 07/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McCartney's Magic Comeback Performance
Finally, 50 years ago from tonight beatles fans were lining up and packing into theaters. ? It's been a hard day's night ? That iconic cord opening the film "A hard days night" which captured the fast four as beatle-mania was exploding. The film premiered in 1964 and it's been a hard few weeks for Paul Mccartney sick from a virus. But feeling much better and back on tour and ABC's John donvan has the story. Reporter: You can forget he's not a kid anymore up on that stage. Last night Rochester, New York. A nice bounce back from a virus. That kept him off the road a lot of weeks when he got so antsy he put out this I'm going back soon video last week. Feeling great. Rocking and rolling. Yay! Reporter: So Rochester was being back. A 72-year-old guy doing 38 songs in three hours. And during the encore, this -- Saying he won't marry me. Reporter: He's explaining a woman out in the crowd. She's carrying a sign. And he brings her up and her boyfriend. Sign reads, he won't marry me until he meets you. And there he is. Meets Paul. Oh, yeah. Reporter: And the guy is 64 this year. So Paul gets him to sing -- guess what? And then Paul still directing. Gets down on his knees. Will you marry me? Yes. Reporter: And there it was. Mccartney joking he had been booked to play at the wedding. Maybe even that same song, "When I'm 64" which he wrote at the age of 16 when he was just a kid. John donvan, ABC news, Washington. ? When I'm 64 ? What a story. Congratulations to them both. On their happy news.

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{"id":24446957,"title":"McCartney's Magic Comeback Performance","duration":"2:25","description":"Paul McCartney is back on stage after illness sidetracked him for nearly two months.","url":"/WNT/video/mccartneys-magic-comeback-performance-24446957","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}