Millions hit the skies for Memorial Day weekend

Many Americans are celebrating the holiday while attempting to get back to a sense of normalcy amid the pandemic.
2:29 | 05/31/21

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Transcript for Millions hit the skies for Memorial Day weekend
This memorial day may be the first holiday since the start of the pandemic that many feel is beginning to return to normal. The indy 500 taking place before a packed crowd. More than 135,000, the largest gathering for a sporting event during the pandemic. Millions hitting the skies breaking pandemic records and millions more on the road. ABC's Trevor Ault is at new York's Laguardia airport. The fans are back in the stands. Reporter: Tonight, new signs America is turning the corner. 135,000 fans packed in for the indy 500, the world's largest sporting event since the pandemic began. Castroneves. Making a move. It's been two years. There's nothing like seeing 33 cars going 230 miles an hour. Reporter: Across the country many restrictions lifting just in time for a mostly maskless memorial day weekend. And the nation on the move again. TSA on track to screen more than 6 million people since Thursday, a new pandemic record. I haven't been home in two years. So whatever I got to do to get home, I'm going to do to get home. Reporter: And on this holiday weekend, families finally reuniting. This woman hugging her father after more than 500 days apart. To see my daddy. Reporter: Others celebrating the many milestones they missed. High school graduation, college graduation and just good old family get-togethers. It's about time, right? Way past due. Reporter: These overdue reunions made possible by the vaccine. More than half of all Americans now receiving at least one dose. But the rollout is ling steam. The daily vaccination rate down 60% from its peak in April. And a new poll suggesting only 4% of people who want the shot as soon as possible haven't gotten it yet. We may start to dry up with the numbers of people willing to get the shot. We need to be trying all approaches right now to get as many people immunized. Many states trying to incentivize and Trevor Ault joins us from New York's Laguardia airport. Trevor, it's been a busy weekend for travel domestically but internationally there are still many restrictions in place. Tell us about the new variant from overseas causing some concern. Reporter: Well, linsey, officials in Vietnam say they've discovered a new variant that's reportedly a hybrid between the uk and India variant and lab tests suggest it might spread more easily than other versions of the virus though there's no reason to believe the vaccines would not work against it. Linsey. Trevor, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Many Americans are celebrating the holiday while attempting to get back to a sense of normalcy amid the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77993204","title":"Millions hit the skies for Memorial Day weekend","url":"/WNT/video/millions-hit-skies-memorial-day-weekend-77993204"}