The newest trend for Mother's Day

One florist said consumers are looking for locally-grown flower arrangements
2:06 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for The newest trend for Mother's Day
??? Finally tonight here, made in America. Last night, the green monster, tonight, the greenhouses. Getting ready for mom. Spring is in the air. And so is mother's day, coming soon. And all across the country, farmers and florists are hoping you think of them and your mom. In fact, we found flowers from all over the country, as soon as you walk into Emily Thompson's flower shop. Good to see you. Welcome. Reporter: Her customers, usually last minute shoppers. People are thinking, I need to get flowers today. Now. Reporter: And we wondered here in soho how many of the flowers sold in America are grown in America. Emily buying from farmers in new Jersey and California. Here on the tag, you have low came. That's right. Reporter: People feel strongly about supporting American farmers? I certainly do. Hi, David. Reporter: Those local farmers grateful to Emily for selling their ren knock ewe louse. We'll have some beautiful flowers. Reporter: The roses, too. Right here, we have two variety of garden rose. This is called Kate. And this one is called Francois. That's my favorite. Reporter: Green valley floral, Salinas, California. That American flag, right there on the box. And in Detroit tonight, they're hard at work, hoping to celebrate your mom. Hi, Dave. Lisa from pot and box in Detroit, Michigan. Reporter: While waiting for the spring bloom, they find American farmers with flowers already. We reach out to the slow flowers network to connect with American farms. Reporter: It's a growing trend. In Chicago tonight. Hi, David. Reporter: Chicago's wicker park neighborhood. We supply 40 area Chicago florists. Reporter: In Emily's shop, she put us to work. You have California, New Jersey, Puerto Rico. A lot of America represented right here. That's right. Reporter: Farmers across America tonight saying happy mother's day, and saying something else -- Made in America! (Sound of footsteps) (Sound of car door opening) (Car door closes)

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"One florist said consumers are looking for locally-grown flower arrangements","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"55026361","title":"The newest trend for Mother's Day","url":"/WNT/video/newest-trend-mothers-day-55026361"}