Nor'easter still forming but wreaking havoc in the Carolinas

Heavy rain continued to pound the Raleigh area as powerful winds ripped apart buildings and caused trees to crash into homes.
2:11 | 05/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nor'easter still forming but wreaking havoc in the Carolinas
night with the nor'easter hitting the coast, as we come on the air. Two confirmed tornadoes in Virginia. All part of relent lessee veer weather. 28 train cars derailing in pearl river county, Mississippi. Wind and flooding rains undermining the tracks there. And tonight, severe thunderstorms across north Carolina, all part of this system tonight bringing down trees and power lines. Two lows coming together as the system hits the east coast and moves right up into the northeast. It is a dangerous drive home for many. We have the track tonight. And ABC's gio Benitez leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, that nor'easter now forming off the coast already wrecking havoc in the Carolinas. Heavy rain pounding the Raleigh area. The storm packing large hail. Powerful winds ripping apart buildings. Trees crashing onto homes. It is unbelievable, just like a clear path, you can see exactly where the winds came through. Look at that. Reporter: This weekend, tornado in Campbell county Virginia, part of the same system that triggered more than 100 reports of severe weather. Mississippi's governor declaring a state of emergency amid dozens of high water rescues in the southern part of the state. In stone county, a flash flood emergency. More than 14 inches of rain submerging neighborhoods. I lost everything, sir. I lost everything. Reporter: And in pearl river county, flood waters washing out roads and even train tracks. More than two dozen freight train cars derailing. Fortunately, most of them were empty. And David, at the airports, we are already seeing more than 4,000 delays. Hundreds of cancellations. And as that storm system moves through the northeast, those numbers will go up. Gio Benitez live at the airport for us tonight. Thank you. Let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all for us tonight. Hey, ginger. Reporter: Hey, David. Wet and windy, it is a dreadful night here along the tri-state. I want to brick you straight into the forecast. It's not just here. The heaviest rain moving into new England. And that coastal storm that's been hugging the coast could also bring some coastal flooding from Connecticut up through Rhode Island tonight. Then snow for parts of new England, we're talking up to five inches. We eventually dry out and start that look a bit more like spring by Wednesday. David? Ginger, thank you. The other major headline this evening, the stock market

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Heavy rain continued to pound the Raleigh area as powerful winds ripped apart buildings and caused trees to crash into homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63015893","title":"Nor'easter still forming but wreaking havoc in the Carolinas","url":"/WNT/video/noreaster-forming-wreaking-havoc-carolinas-63015893"}