New powerful explosion could erupt from inside Kilauea

The explosion could send ash raining down for miles in Hawaii.
1:59 | 05/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New powerful explosion could erupt from inside Kilauea
breaking news from Hawaii tonight. Officials warning that the kilauea volcano could be about to blow. The threat, the lava inside the crater mixing with groundwater, turning the volcano into a giant cannon. And those conditions for a powerful new eruption are now in place. All of this as a new crack in the Earth has emerged. Tonight, the threat zone across many miles. ABC's Marci Gonzalez on the scene in Hawaii again for us tonight. Reporter: President trump declaring the official disaster proclamation, including the possibility of more evacuations. While tonight, a 16th his sure erupting, spewing more lava into an already devastated landscape. I don't know if this one will cause more evacuations, but it is in line with the rift zone. We are preparing for the worst, we are preparing for mass evacuations. Reporter: Officials also prepping for what they say is the likelihood of a massive steam explosion here at the summit of kilauea that could send refrigerator-sized Boulders rocketing into the sky. Outside of the park, residents being warned the explosion could send ash raining down for miles. This is not a life-threatening ash fall, but it is something that people need to be mindful of. Reporter: Worries about air quality from that and the sulfur dioxide still spewing from these fissures sparking long lines at stores. People desperate to buy respirators. We can't wait until the ash and the sulfur is down on us. We need it now. Reporter: Evacuated residents checking on their homes, still unsure when or if they'll be able to return. One day at a time. That's all I can do. My wife says, oh, what are we going to do next week? And I just say, let's make it through today. Reporter: Tom, geologists say that massive steam explosion could happen any day and there may not be just one. They say there could be multiple and they could go on for weeks. Tom? Marci Gonzalez for us tonight. Marci, thank you.

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{"id":55123059,"title":"New powerful explosion could erupt from inside Kilauea","duration":"1:59","description":"The explosion could send ash raining down for miles in Hawaii.","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-explosion-erupt-inside-kilauea-55123059","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}