Powerful Storms Hammer the Northeast

More than a foot of rain falling in Pennsylvania causing flash flooding and at least three homes to be washed away.
1:47 | 10/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerful Storms Hammer the Northeast
Deadly storm system moving across the northeast at this hour affecting New York all the way up to Boston into New England a micro burst 95 miles per hour turning deadly. Mean year old is rob Marciano tracking. Tonight powerful and deadly fall storms hammering the northeast on the move as millions start the weekend more than half a photo frame make. For all white knuckled. If in Pennsylvania. And hills brook township at least three homes including this one washed away by flash flooding officials saying everyone got out safely. Just after dawn swift water rescue teams shuttling twenty stranded residents to safety of the upper 22 years so a bit to about six news. And they could be dangerous Gary Mitch Leigh is glad the rescuers woke them up I thank god it didn't get to the first floor. So our fund we can replace what's in the basement. Farther west that deadly storm in Clinton county a micro burst killing one person wins they're up to 95 miles per hour. When lightning and big L I was close knocking out. How are already difficult 24 hours robbers live along the west side highway here in Manhattan tonight conceded rush on their behind them. Rob could be a rough few hours ahead. Yeah as a slow go certainly from Boston a DC to Pittsburgh a large slow moving storms tech and out of the radar. It's actually gonna fill an overnight and tomorrow morning a lot of people gonna see some rain it will linger through the afternoon and then went and from west Ethan and here comes a cold wind receipt. Gusts 3040 miles an hours what do be blustery even some snow accumulating. Across a northern mountains and by Sunday morning widespread temperatures in the forties might even see some thirty so. I hope you enjoyed this week's heat ever Agassi likes it that again David. Until spring we knew the Indian summer would not last long.

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{"id":42979016,"title":"Powerful Storms Hammer the Northeast","duration":"1:47","description":"More than a foot of rain falling in Pennsylvania causing flash flooding and at least three homes to be washed away.","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-storms-hammer-northeast-42979016","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}