President Trump returns to the campaign trail, heads to Florida

Despite announcing his COVID-19 diagnosis only 10 days ago, Trump is headed to Central Florida, which political analysts say is a critical region in the battleground state.
4:28 | 10/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump returns to the campaign trail, heads to Florida
Good evening it is great to have you with us as we start another week together here as we come on here tonight we have just heard from the president's doctor. Through a written statement saying the president has now tested negative. Over consecutive days according to the doctor using Abbott rapid testing the doctor saying those tests along with other measurements. Mean the president is quote not infectious to others tonight the president now on his way to Florida. The president setting up from the White House late today returning to the campaign trail for the first time of course since his diagnosis with cope it. 22 days to go now a large crowd waiting for him in Florida not a lot of masks but a lot of enthusiasm. Joseph Biden meanwhile would events in the key battleground state of Ohio calling the president's. A reckless for his personal conduct around the pandemic it tonight right here at the new poll we're this race stands tonight. And of course the other major story unfolding today the president's nominee to the Supreme Court Democrats making health care the central issue in the confirmation hearing today. And what judge Amy coney Barrett said to the committee. We do have it all covered for you election date three weeks from tomorrow and we know tonight that more than nine million Americans have already voted. ABC's Mary groups leaving us off. President trump today heading to his first campaign rally since being diagnosed with the corona virus leaving the White House defiant with no Rask. Waiting for him in the key state of Florida throngs of tightly packed supporters with few masks and cite just one week after coming home from the hospital the president claims he's virus free and dive in totally negative. Tonight his doctor said he has tested negative on consecutive days using rapid testing concluding he is not infectious to others. The president going further even claiming he's immune. It looks like LeMieux and served I don't know maybe a long time and maybe. A short time it could be a lifetime nobody really knows what I'm immune. But experts say immunity is not well understood and doctors don't know how long it lasts Twitter slapping a warning on Trump's claim that he can no longer get or give the virus labeling his message misleading and potentially harmful. With 22 days to go more than nine million Americans have already voted as our latest poll shows the president's handling of this pandemic is taking a two old. Joseph Biden leading by twelve points nationally with which when he three point advantage among women voters. And with a slight edge among seniors a group key to trams victory in 2016. One that he's counting on for his re election. Well aware of the numbers the president ratcheting up his campaigning with an in person event every day this week I didn't looking to capitalize on his momentum campaigning today in Ohio State trump won by eight points and when he sixteen. But now polls show Biden and trunk neck and neck today in Toledo biting calling out the president saying his behavior is irresponsible. Is reckless personal conduct sexes diagnosis. Has been unconscionable. Longer dollar job as president. War recklessly seemed to get dry. To change the narrative the trump campaign out with a new misleading ad that shows doctor Anthony gouging praising the administration's response but. That nobody could. But that comment from the early days of the pandemic in March was about the broader response of the task force that she today said his words were being twisted. And he warned the trump campaign not to do it again. Debt might actually come back to backfire on them I hope they don't do that because that's that would be kind of playing a game. That we don't want to play on Capitol Hill today an uncomfortable moment. The president's chief of staff mark meadows who was by Trump's side in the hospital ticking off his mask to talk to reporters. We was asked to keep the mask on he refused and walked away. It's different to Mary Bruce with a slide tonight the president polling that rally in Florida this evening and his team telling you married or not changing anything when it comes to coping nineteen precautions. Even with his diagnosis couple weeks back now but at these rallies there wrapping up the travel schedule these final sprint these final 22 days. David three weeks and going down in the polls and the president is now going full steam ahead. Sources tell us that he's going to hold campaign event every single day between now and Election Day and that he's going to start doing multiple rallies. A day despite these packed events. The campaign tell us they have no plans to make any changes to their safety precautions the White House saying in this country. Do the right to show up and express your views David Berry Berry Bruce leading us off tonight Mary thank you and.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Despite announcing his COVID-19 diagnosis only 10 days ago, Trump is headed to Central Florida, which political analysts say is a critical region in the battleground state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73573605","title":"President Trump returns to the campaign trail, heads to Florida","url":"/WNT/video/president-trump-returns-campaign-trail-heads-florida-73573605"}