Professional Mermaid Swims With Real Sharks

Hannah Fraser does not let the man-eating reputation stop her from risking her life to swim with sharks.
1:44 | 06/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Professional Mermaid Swims With Real Sharks
Finally tonight -- the -- -- taking our correspondent underwater with her swimming with the sharks are cameras rolling on the whole thing would you do what Matt -- did. The only feet down and with no where professional mermaid -- Frazier looks like shortly. And but for Frazier these sharks aren't close enough the only contact in fact being tickled on the snapped. Her seemingly death defying dance in protest performance meant to show sharks man eating reputation. Is of Missouri. In fact well every year -- -- -- -- hundred million sharks sharks only until about six humans. He surrender yourself to these animals. On one single moment -- I felt like this -- -- to attack. Was interested in eating me. -- -- this mermaid has -- -- -- swimming with whale sharks may have to race. Even fifty foot -- I think -- with her son firsthand. What that nurse shark that seemed to crave affection. But with a sixteen foot tiger sharks if this is real. Which is why her mermaid -- and stays on board too easily mistaken for shark food. Instead lit groups -- -- the -- for -- already at times a mask warrior tank. Every ninety sic -- Phillips -- from the safety diver and another -- hold and she's back there it's. With -- shock springs. Matt Gutman ABC news the Bahamas. Our thanks to map for the stunning view tonight.

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{"id":24081843,"title":"Professional Mermaid Swims With Real Sharks","duration":"1:44","description":"Hannah Fraser does not let the man-eating reputation stop her from risking her life to swim with sharks.","url":"/WNT/video/professional-mermaid-swims-real-sharks-24081843","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}