7 Republican senators face backlash after voting to convict Trump

The Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump by a vote of 57 guilty and 43 not guilty.
3:12 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for 7 Republican senators face backlash after voting to convict Trump
We move on now to the fallout over the second impeachment trial of former president trump and the second acquittal. Seven Republican senators feeling the backlash for voting to convict. Senator bill Cassidy immediately censured by the Louisiana GOP. Mitch Mcconnell first voting not guilty, then minutes later fiercely condemning the former president for provoking the deadly assault on the capitol. Here's Rachel Scott. Reporter: It was the most bipartisan presidential impeachment vote in history. Tonight, the fallout is swift. The seven Republicans who voted to convict the president of their own party -- He is is hereby acquitted of the charge. Reporter: Now feeling the heat. In Louisiana, the state GOP party wasting no time. Immediately censuring senator bill Cassidy moments after he declared Donald Trump guilty. Mr. Cassidy? Guilty. Mr. Cassidy, guilty. Reporter: A Republican state lawmaker tweeting, don't expect a warm welcome when you come home to Louisiana. I'm attempting to hold president trump accountable. And that is the trust that people put in me. And I'm confident people will move to that position. Reporter: During the closing moments, Cassidy passing a note to senator Richard burr, leaning back. Richard burr voting guilty, too. The Republican party in north Carolina calling the vote shocking and disappointing. And in Pennsylvania, the GOP chair calling pat Toomey's decision disappointing. Toome and burr both not running for re-election. But most Republicans standing by the former president. The house managers blasting the 43 who spared trump from conviction. A number of them are aggressively trying to disentangle themselves from the vote. Reporter: Mitch Mcconnell delivered a blistering speech, eviscerating trump. Saying there is no question he is to blame for the violence on January 6th. Hang Mike pence! Hang Mike pence! Reporter: And defending his vote to acquit, saying the trial he delayed until trump left office was unconstitutional. President trump is still liable for everything he did in office. Didn't get away with anything, yet. A big yet there. Let's go to Rachel, live at the capitol for us. We just heard from Mitch Mcconnell there. We know the former president is facing at least one criminal probe in Georgia. Looking into his attempts to overturn this election. Reporter: And Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing. At this point, both Democrats and Republicans are signaling they're ready to close this chapter. Senator Lindsey graham said he spoke to Donald Trump. He says the former president is now focused on rebuilding the Republican party, looking ahead to 2022. And president Joe Biden weighing in, saying while the final vote did not result in conviction, the substance of the charge is not up for dispute. Rachel, thank you. Democrats closing the

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump by a vote of 57 guilty and 43 not guilty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75894886","title":"7 Republican senators face backlash after voting to convict Trump","url":"/WNT/video/republican-senators-face-backlash-voting-convict-trump-75894886"}