Robots Deliver Discounts at Amazon

Thousands of robots work alongside humans at the online retailer's warehouses around the country.
2:07 | 12/02/14

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Transcript for Robots Deliver Discounts at Amazon
Now to cyber Monday. And what we didn't know. Many retailers realizing now that millions of Americans can't shop online until they get moment from work tonight. W websites getting ready and we attached go pros to those roe bolts inside the am son nerve center. Will they keep that promise of early delivery? ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis reporting in tonight. Tonight, a view you've probably never seen before. This 320-pound Orange robot we outfitted with a go pro camera, offering a rare glimpse inside the busiest day of the year at this gigantic Amazon warehouse in California. 3,000 robots working around the clock here. Outnumbers the 2,000 human employees. This 1 million square foot structure, the equivalent of nearly 21 football fields. Housing almost 22 million items. Watch as we put Amazon's technology to the test. Placing an order for one of the hottest gifts of the year, the fit bit from our offices in new York City. Minutes later, it's off the line, ready to ship. But now, the company that wrote the book on internet retail is facing serious competition. What's different this year is many of the brick and mortar retailers are offering similar advantages. Reporter: Like same day delivery. Macy'sed a nord stock using some of their stores as warehouse locations. Best Buy and toys "R" us teaming up with Google, offering same-day delivery in select markets. Mass retailers competing on price. That fit bit we purchased on Amazon available for the same price and arriving the same day from And Rebecca is with us now. You told me today in the news room, there's a second wave of cyber Monday that kicks in tonight. There is. And it's happening right now, David. Walmart is rolling out new deals tonight, because they know so many Americans shop from home on their home computers on cyber Monday. Also want to check for clothes. They tend to be the very best deals on cyber Monday and hotels, 60% to 75% off, you can get hotel rooms on cyber Monday. A gift for yourself. Rebecca, thank you. And speaking of gifts, late

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Thousands of robots work alongside humans at the online retailer's warehouses around the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27293907","title":"Robots Deliver Discounts at Amazon","url":"/WNT/video/robots-deliver-discounts-amazon-27293907"}