Sawyer and Walters' Unbreakable 26-Year Bond

Diane Sawyer spends the final moments with Barbara Walters before she retires.
4:16 | 05/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sawyer and Walters' Unbreakable 26-Year Bond
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hours that is Bette Midler singing the glory of love to Barbara Walters on the view it as harper retires from her -- and -- career. And we -- 26 of those years here together at ABC sometimes competing often canceling each other and forming a real friendship. Laughing a lot of the craziness of these lives. So I thought I would spend the final moments in the dressing room with her as she headed off to the last show up for last day. As usual I plan my -- entrance and as usual Barbara is underwhelmed. And time now so much -- young Helen is by popular demand the mom in what is. Under there wouldn't it can get something I was looking for a wastebasket but it's actually the person and I'm getting your spouse get. Diane I feel alive and that I've been assigned a role what -- wants my command of the absolute chaos as we check. Down in the -- dressing room with the flowers on the -- you can hear the noise outside people pacing the clock is ticking down that the show. But I -- older a lot of women and wanted me to ask at the end of the today what does she really think kept her going the stamina the moxie. When he's not thinking. I'm not sure whether its ambition. Aurora. Curiosity. I just love what I do I have loved -- -- current. And what is your currently. But this is not. This is. Something less than that but. I can do. What is it going to be like what let's -- check. When she -- to be there live and I don't have to want question when I have to hit you ask him. I'm thinking thinking why did -- end but the question -- -- This has been under. But what I think -- what I can actually. -- Tell you don't. You have no position to give me advice about what he would do -- -- because -- do you know about the Buddhist. And something and so that is -- It's. Something well this -- he just left the next day. It's here -- here. Just. But as well as well. When lot of schools. I think you're. -- think it. It wouldn't -- what is -- about this movement this. They wouldn't trapped. My -- we -- -- -- My father. Who had. Any success. Kids lose so much. You wanted. -- she's OK I don't think. So are -- excited and. -- -- -- -- -- I just have to say -- you cannot help -- up. -- my pleasure hasn't been so much. Human didn't -- -- With affection. And admiration. -- so let's see what from the other side of. Yeah man. -- -- -- And all I have -- Lose now that'll mean and Daria. That's. Moon. And or. So we -- Barbara Walters and be sure to watch -- special tribute Barbara Walters her story starting tonight at 9 o'clock eastern. And -- called me on Monday.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Diane Sawyer spends the final moments with Barbara Walters before she retires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23759422","title":"Sawyer and Walters' Unbreakable 26-Year Bond","url":"/WNT/video/sawyer-walters-unbreakable-26-year-bond-23759422"}