Sen. Ted Cruz Gaining on Trump After Winning in Kansas and Maine

Marco Rubio says he's not dropping out, Bloomberg says he is not running for president.
3:00 | 03/07/16

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Transcript for Sen. Ted Cruz Gaining on Trump After Winning in Kansas and Maine
Fast moving developments in the race for the White House former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg tonight saying he will not run and his reason. He says of Bloomberg campaign would actually help Donald Trump or Ted Cruz take votes away from the Democrat. The news comes amid a tightening Republican race tonight Donald Trump winning two more contests over the weekend. But senator Ted Cruz matching him with two wins as well. Not far behind now in the delegate count tonight the map showing where the race stands Donald Trump the winner in twelve states all of those in red there. Ted Cruz winning six just 84 delegates behind. ABC's Tom Thomas leads us off with trump and his new message for Ted Cruz and Michael Bloomberg's own words making it clear he doesn't want to help put trump. In the White House. Tonight don't want getting hit from all sides at his rallies. We have an. Protesters in recent weeks more into steel and bully pulpits get out of here looks like a nice little guy actually. Don't want them not me go look guys go home them not me. Go home to mommy. Noted talk to you in bad. On TV the brutal at war against him wimpy not. Outside groups spending millions of veterans attacking the billionaire as a draft dodging trust fund baby Donald Trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. And trump now fighting one of his rivals gaining on him senator Ted Cruz scoring weakened wins in Kansas and main. I want to congratulate. Ted on main and or in Kansas and he should do well in Maine because it's very close to cabinet let's face it I'm. Rolled they'll call it a two man race. I would love to take on Ted one and one that would be so much when crews saying bring it all. Sir are correct received from. Who had been supporting her. We're realizing he isn't. But piling on twelve N crews today former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announcing he will not run for president himself. Bloomberg writing quote there is a good chance that Blake hit a seat could lead to the election of Donald Trump. Or senator Ted Cruz this is not a risk I can take in good conscience. Bloomberg accusing his fellow billionaire running the most did this if it demagogic presidential campaign I can remember. But with drop in crude surging senator Marco Rubio struggling to break out. Only winning two of the twenty contests so far personally I'd call for him cute drop out of the race group you've seen today he's not going anywhere. Her thoughts of going on people who drop out but he I think McDonald's suffered some real damage are the last people are starting to learn that Donald Trump character. And Donald Trump the person not the same thing. And data at any moment we expect adults up to speak here in Mississippi and to possibly address book Michael Bloomberg has called his campaign. Preying on people's prejudices and fears and that trump appeals for worst impulses David Tommy Ellis with us tonight Tom thing.

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{"id":37477508,"title":"Sen. Ted Cruz Gaining on Trump After Winning in Kansas and Maine","duration":"3:00","description":"Marco Rubio says he's not dropping out, Bloomberg says he is not running for president.","url":"/WNT/video/sen-ted-cruz-gaining-trump-winning-kansas-maine-37477508","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}