Syrian Refugees: David Muir's Year-Long Journey

See what life has been like for families escaping a deadly war zone trying to capture a new life.
5:02 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Syrian Refugees: David Muir's Year-Long Journey
Back to those comments about Syrian refugees they come just as we finish a year long journey here. We've been following Syrian refugees living right here in the US they had no idea that they would be here and it terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere. And a growing anger right here at home. And we travel to Amman tonight to ask who is betting the Syrian refugees about to come to America. And you're about to see it all for yourself. This journey begins one year ago the first day of school in one American town. And produce new first grader at nervous look back. Chrysler elementary school Modesto California. And the welcome they been practicing in the main office. I knew they come out of it sold only help. That public is six years old for home back in Syria is no burned to the ground. Welcome. And on her first screen door here in America can you read that the sign in Arabic and some really come through and. Know. This is. I can't how black is a very special because she is not from America this is race Syria and he. If our cameras rule as to children in US simple questions about the girl named Paula. What happens Siri. Syria does not so good things happening right here on Syria. And they accurate analysis say things that Tiki. Or. No one could have predicted what was bound to happen in towns across America. When two strikes around the U. We're letting individual that can potentially hurt aren't good. The idea of the whole. How did it get to this point. Last September we were there would Hollis family arrived on that flight to America. The crash course on like that America. Coming up to put the dishwasher. How to use a washer and dryer. How to get warm. It vendors Paula. We speak he'd only in its when you like a lot. Do you feel safe in America huge part. But 43 days after the arrive in US. Gets. Tax prepare. One of the attackers using a fake Syrian passport posing as a refugee this has got to stop. They don't want to be Americans the political pressure mounts the way the mayor did this was under formal. And can I think we have to say hope that instantly and at 32 governors announced they will haul Syrian refugees and that Syrian family in Modesto. He's listening. Listen they could be nice as I don't know if I win they're going back to going back appellate. They're going back. It's so we trample the symphony 400 miles from Modesto California to Amman Jordan. To see the vetting process for ourselves. Through this door when we meet discover the question of humanity. So they come through here. Yes do you console is with the US State Department brought its US security screening and vetting process that could last two years. And through the windows. And see family after family being interviewed how can you possible. We learn everything about a family through an inner. I say that the interviewers are very highly trained they are trained to look both not act the documentation but also for the credibility. A behind applicants story erroneously documentation I mean this is Syria that is. They've been at war for years now. What kind of documentation that they have to thank surprisingly. 97%. Of all adult applicants in our high flying half. Alan Syrian documentation that suddenly. At inside this room Syrian families who had just been told their next. Some of the Hamas like this is cultural orientation where they're taught about their new home and America. She shows them a picture of a couple kissing in public eye it's. And and one. The next lesson about America the melting pot the rest of simple question which of these places are mirror. You have the sense that Boston don't need don't pay for Americans who are worried they'll refugees coming into the US. The Hammond let you really want to be want. Stood. And condemn their movements. And tonight on Nightline you'll see what happens in that town here in America where they were so welcoming to the refugees just one year ago. No one saw this coming including us that's later tonight. We hope you'll watch your DVR Nightline and in tweet is afterward. You want to know where you stand.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"See what life has been like for families escaping a deadly war zone trying to capture a new life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42235280","title":"Syrian Refugees: David Muir's Year-Long Journey","url":"/WNT/video/syrian-refugees-david-muirs-year-long-journey-42235280"}