Tiger Woods begins recovery from rollover crash

During emergency surgery, doctors inserted a metal rod in the golf great’s shin after he suffered multiple fractures.
4:25 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiger Woods begins recovery from rollover crash
In the meantime, we're going to move on tonight to the other news this Wednesday night and news on Tiger Woods this his injuries, the surgery and new reporting here tonight on the crash. Tiger Woods, of course, was alone when his car veered off a dangerous stretch of road, landing on its side. The sheriff tonight calling it, quote, purely an accident. Woods' injuries, a crushed right leg below the knee, requiing several surgeries. We're learning more about the rod put in his lower leg and the pins and skrups put in his ankle and foot. Also tonight, new surveillance video from TMZ getting some attention. It shows a car like the one tiger was driving just moments before the accident. And tonight, what doctors are now saying about Tiger Woods' future in golf. Here's our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman again tonight. . Reporter: Tonight, tiger Woods is recovering from the crash that had many fearing he wouldn't make it. He survived, but his legendary career the letened like never before. When sheriff's found him, he was trying to pull himself from the vehicle, despite multiple fractures in his legs. During emergency surgery, doctors inserting a metal rod in the golf great's right tibia below the knee to stabilize the bones, which were shattered. Screws and pins implanted to broken bones in his foot and ankle. The swelling so bad, doctors had to cut away tissue to relieve dangerous pressure and swelling in his muscles and prent nerve damage. New surveillance video obtained by TMZ showing car like the one tiger was driving with a location that matches where woods would have been driving moenlts before the accident. The L.A. Sheriff calls this a particularly dangerous stretch of road. You can see this runaway ramp. There have be 13 accidents on this ad, four of them with injuries in the last year. And the L.A. County sheriff Alex villanueava saying officers determined woods was not under the influence. This is purely an accident. Reporter: Tiger Woods was on his way to join football great drew Brees and others at a golf course for a second day of shooting for discovery TV. The day before that, he was with NBA great Dwyane wade. It was a great day. And I woke up today so proud to be able to post that moment for the world to be able to get a little snippet of our moment together and I took a nap and I woke up and I woke up to the news. Reporter: Tiger Woods has endured well over a dozen surgeries over his storied career and pain. Brought to his knees by this shot in 2013. Wow. He is down. Reporter: Reporter: Recovering from his fifth back surgery, woods told CBS he was hoping to come back in time for golf's biggest tournament -- the masters. God, I hope so. I've got to get there first. A lot of it is based on my surgeons, and my doctors, and my therapists, and making sure I do it correctly. This is the only back I got. Reporter: But tonight, his fl low golfers are not concerned with his career, they're just grateful their friend is alive. Everyone should just be grateful that he's here, that he's alive, his kids haven't lost their dad. That's the most important thing. Reporter: And that is the most important thing. Matt back with us tonight, by far, the most important thing that tiger survived this. His children still have their father. But of course Matt, there are many wondering, it's likely still impossible to answer this, but many wondering if tiger Woods will play again. Reporter: David, I spoke to multiple orthopedic surgeons today and there seems to be agreement that this is not a career-killing injury. Now, it may take tiger months, a year or even longer to recover and the wild card here is that lower right leg. Multiple fractures and that means it could increase the risk of infection and delay healing. Now, we know so little about how this crash actually happened, that's because officials say there are no skid marks, no brake marks, but they have announced that there was a black box in that vehicle and investigators will get a chance to examine it. Now, it's important to know, officials still say that this is just an accident along a stretch of road so dangerous that today, the county announced a safety review of that road. David? Perhaps long overdue. All right, Matt, thank you. And next here this evening, the state attorney general under

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"During emergency surgery, doctors inserted a metal rod in the golf great’s shin after he suffered multiple fractures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76095656","title":"Tiger Woods begins recovery from rollover crash","url":"/WNT/video/tiger-woods-begins-recovery-rollover-crash-76095656"}