Tristate area imposes 14-day quarantine for travelers from infected states

Coronavirus infections in the U.S. have surged to the highest level in months with nearly 35,000 cases in one day as New York, Connecticut and New Jersey start a new quarantine policy.
5:12 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for Tristate area imposes 14-day quarantine for travelers from infected states
Good evening and it's great to have you with us on a very busy Wednesday night. And we have new numbers tonight. Cases rising in half the country, surging across the south and west, and this number tonight. Nearly 35,000 new cases reported in just the last 24 hours, a number not seen since April. And tonight, New York, new Jersey and Connecticut fearing a second wave possible, now imposing a 14-day quarantine from visitors for nine states where cases are now soaring, including Florida and Texas, saying visitors could face major fines if they don't comply. Florida with 5,500 new cases today. Texas reporting more than 5,500 cases. The icu beds at Houston's hospitals are now at 97%. The governor now suggesting new restrictions may be needed. Arizona's icus are under stress, as well, tonight. And a staggering number of cases in California. More than 7,000 cases in a single Dale and what a very frustrated and concerned governor said there today. Authorities fear that Americans and in many cases young Americans are not taking this seriously, not social distancing and tonight, the CDC now predicting we could see 150,000 American lives lost by July 18th. That's three weeks from now. And so we begin tonight with ABC's Tom llamas from Houston. Reporter: Tonight, with new coronavirus infections surging to their highest level in months, the governors of new York, New Jersey and Connecticut now taking drastic action to prevent more outbreaks. People coming in from states that have a high infection rate must quarantine for 14 days. Reporter: Much like Florida did at the peak of the pandemic, New York's governor says police will stop cars with out of state license plates. Visitors from nine of the nation's biggest hot spots could face up to $10,000 fines. If they break the rules. For the first time since April, the U.S. Reporting nearly 35,000 new cases. And while the country is doing more testing, hospitalizations are also on the rise in 21 states. An alarming trend. Florida shattering another daily record today, soaring above 5,000 for the first time. Parts of the sunshine state were slow to shut down and quick to reopen. Nearly 16% of everyone tested on Tuesday had the virus. A 17-year-old high school student, one of the latest victims, killed by covid-19. In Texas, health officials reporting a record number of new cases. More than 5,500. The virus taking a terrible toll on the Tarpley family from ft. Worth. Mom and dad married 53 years, dying next to each other in the hospital. Just an hour apart. My mom said, okay, see you tomorrow and then -- she dies. Reporter: Just outside Houston, three members of the Rodriguez family dieing from the coronavirus in just the last two weeks. In Harris county, which includes the Houston area, nearly 45% of all covid-19 patients are hispanic or black. A stat that mirrors statewide numbers. At Texas methodist hospital, doctors taking us inside the icu. Health care workers suiting up for battle. They're now seeing entire families testing positive. How are you holding up? It's been a little stressful, but we're getting through. Reporter: The toll on the front line workers mirror what we heard and saw in New York three months ago. Nursing director teal Riley telling us what it's like inside her icu. When they don't survive, you know, knowing that we did everything we possibly could to restore their -- okay. You're going to make me cry now. Reporter: It's okay. No, no, it's okay. I have a hard time talking about this. Just give me a second. This is the hardest part about the whole thing. I'm sorry. Reporter: It's okay. The hospital now forced to expand their icu bed capacity. All of the icus of mine are stretched out. Reporter: Dr. Faisal masud is the head of critical care at this hospital. He says this second surge is different. This time, the patients are much younger and he thinks he knows why. So, you're seeing younger patients and you believe it's because they weren't following social distancing guidelines. Absolutely. And they go out and, you know, all the things which I've seen -- the masks, they're not putting on. They're not social distancing and they're congregating in closed environment. We have to listen to those front line workers, that nursing director from inside the icu, so moved by what she's seeing every single day. Tom with us from Houston. And Tom, just as we were coming on tonight, the CDC out with a new and really eye-opening number, predicting American lives lost in just the next few weeks? Reporter: That's right, David. The CDC is out with some new predictions and they are pretty grim. They report that somewhere between 130,000 to 150,000 people could be dead from the coronavirus by July 18th, just in the United States. And that states like California, Arizona, Florida and right here in Texas, will likely see an increase in the death rate over the next four weeks. David? Tom llamas out in the country tonight. Tom, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Coronavirus infections in the U.S. have surged to the highest level in months with nearly 35,000 cases in one day as New York, Connecticut and New Jersey start a new quarantine policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71437715","title":"Tristate area imposes 14-day quarantine for travelers from infected states","url":"/WNT/video/tristate-area-imposes-14-day-quarantine-travelers-infected-71437715"}