Trump from Vietnam: Cohen is 'lying' to reduce his prison time

During his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, the president noted the lack of progress in getting the dictator to dismantle his nuclear program.
2:46 | 02/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump from Vietnam: Cohen is 'lying' to reduce his prison time
And here in Hanoi, the images. The moment president trump meets Kim Jong-un again. Their second summit. Then, their dinner, seated side-by-side. And now remember pressure tonight to come up with something more concrete than last time. Is it possible? And the president knowing full well there is a split screen playing out, Americans watching the summit here and watching Michael Cohen back home. Jon Karl is right here in Hanoi tonight. Reporter: As a day of drama dawned in Washington, here in Vietnam, president trump was heading into dinner with north Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Great relationship. I think we're going to be very successful. Reporter: The smiles have replaced talk of nuclear war, and North Korea hasn't conducted any nuclear tests in over a year. But Kim has done nothing yet to dismantle his nuclear program. Today, the president acknowledged that lack of progress. Some people would like to see it go quicker. I'm satisfied, you're satisfied, we want to be happy with what we're doing. Reporter: As for Kim, he talked of patient and said, "Here we are today, sitting next to each other, and that gives us a hope that we'll be successful this time." But even on the other side of the world, the president had an eye on Washington. Tweeting from Vietnam, Michael Cohen "Is lying in order to reduce his prison time." Mr. President, any reaction to Michael Cohen and his testimony? Thank you. Reporter: No answer. The president trying to stay on message as he sat down to dinner. Jon Karl with us live tonight from Hanoi. And Jon, president trump tonight furious with that split screen of sorts I mentioned, playing out between the summit here in Vietnam and Michael Cohen's testimony back home. Reporter: David, I am told the president is furious about Cohen's betrayal, furious to see it playing out while he is on the world stage. And I expect we will see that anger first-hand after his meetings with Kim Jong-un when he plans to hold a press conference right here in Hanoi. David? Jon Karl with us here in Vietnam. Jon, thank you. Let's get right to Martha Raddatz with us tonight. There was already a lot of pressure on this president for some sort of victory here, and now critics suggest he'll be desperate for one to try to turn the page back home. Reporter: Everybody is going to be looking at president trump. Will he back off some of those demands they made last June? Because remember, it was just a month ago, the CIA director said Kim Jong-un is determined to get a nuclear weapon that can hit the United States. So, we'll all be watching Donald Trump today. And that part hasn't changed. Martha, thank you. We know the president and the north Korean dictator are set to meet again a short time from now and Martha and I will be monitoring that right here in Vietnam. In the meantime, there are several other developing stories back home tonight. Weather alerts in 15 states. That system moving into the northeast. And we're also tracking a dangerous flood emergency playing out. In California, evacuations under way, the heavy rain, water up to the windows in one community and ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is on the scene tonight Reporter: That record rain triggering flooding and high water rescues. And tonight, entire California towns cut off. North of San Francisco, parts of sonoma county hammered by 20 inches of rain over the past three days. That area, totally under water. Reporter: Mandatory evacuation orders for two dozen communities with the Russian river rising nearly a foot an hour, nearly trapping us this morning. Guerneville, hacienda, all these small towns are basically islands right W. We got out just -- just in the Nick of time. Two people rescued from this mudslide near monte Rio on Tuesday. They just flew down every which way, just came running down the hill, these big trees. Russian river, David, was rising at an incredible foot and hour and will rise several more feet before a crest. And unfortunately for folks here, there is more rain forecast later this week. David? Matt Gutman with us tonight. Matt, thank you. Chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking this emergency, the flooding and the snow pushing into the northeast. Ginger? Reporter: David, the Russian river will crest at 46 feet that's why you still see the flood warnings. Also, another storm coming in for the weekend. So, look for that on Saturday. What we have to deal with here tonight for the northeast, another snowstorm. It's a quick blast, but boss R Boston could end up with three to five inches. David? Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"During his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, the president noted the lack of progress in getting the dictator to dismantle his nuclear program.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61366049","title":"Trump from Vietnam: Cohen is 'lying' to reduce his prison time","url":"/WNT/video/trump-vietnam-cohen-lying-reduce-prison-time-61366049"}