Violent twisters rips through South

In Mississippi and Alabama, intense winds are damaging homes, knocking down trees and even caused a building a to collapse, killing a 41-year-old woman inside.
3:11 | 02/24/19

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Transcript for Violent twisters rips through South
We begin tonight with extreme weather a 12 punch already turning deadly. Take a look at this video tornado churning right there across burns' bill Mississippi one of at least five reported twisters tearing across the south. In hard hit Columbus, Mississippi one woman was killed when the crew when she was inside of collapsed. At the same time in the north blizzard conditions paralyzing travel the roads dozens of cars you see them there involved in this chain reaction pile up. In Wisconsin at least one fatality reported. As a system pushes out winds will rapidly intensify with gusts up to sixty miles per hour in the northeast. That could cause Monday morning travel headaches ABC's Marcus Moore leads our coverage from Mississippi. It's not my goodness married and has tonight's stories of survival emerging after at least five reported twisters. Tore through parts of the south. The violent weather striking parts of Mississippi and Alabama ripping away roofs toppling massive trees. And knocking down this building in Columbus, Mississippi. Several people inside taking cover the old no fatality from a reported tornado outbreak of 41 year old woman. What we're daughter would be here today Henry Neal scramble to take covering his bathroom with that storm. Roared through his home in a house party in insulation. Goes brain. Turned it down Hong. That same system drenching parts of Tennessee Nashville seeing its wettest February on record more than a foot of rain turning roads into rivers. This residential street completely underwater. This is the first Condit who look like. A lake here in Washington County first responders canvassing flooded neighborhoods to evacuate residents this family carried on a raft to safety. In the midwest. It is snow that's causing concern this is what drivers are up against western Kansas blizzard conditions causing spin outs and stalls and in Wisconsin. Weather is suspected in this multi car accident backing up traffic for miles. We want to go back out of Mississippi that's for Marcus Moore is tonight join us live from one of those communities hard hit by a severe weather outbreak. In the northeast part of the state the roof and walls ripped right off that church right behind jamarcus. Yeah that's right Tom this storm destroyed the sanctuary and some of the only things that appear to have been left untouched are a few pews behind me. And the pulpit and tonight Tom you can see members of the congregation just beginning the process of cleaning this up. So many churches across the south stride this week and all right Marcus thank you want to get right to Sam Champion now. It's him when it comes to the weather so much action out there. Tom we need to remind people just how massive this storm has been. Three quarters of the state beneath it for more than three days and look how strong it is still so here's this low now pulling into Canada we've got blizzard conditions in states where it's not snowing now. Because the winter snows ghosts boast strong they're picking up the snow on the ground and blowing it so we'll take the rain out of the northeast in the wind becomes the big story. Look right around the got about 300000 without power around the Great Lakes right now with a 55 mile per hour wind in Detroit fifty in Green Bay. And then tomorrow morning we'll have those same wind speeds fifty in New York 43 in Hartford 51 in Albany. Into New England will have power outages in New England as well because we've had so much rain the trees would just come down the strong dangerous weapons all right Sam thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"In Mississippi and Alabama, intense winds are damaging homes, knocking down trees and even caused a building a to collapse, killing a 41-year-old woman inside.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61280720","title":"Violent twisters rips through South","url":"/WNT/video/violent-twisters-rips-south-61280720"}