Wall of Fire and Firenadoes on the March in Southern California

Firefighters struggle to contain wildfires that are encroaching on neighborhoods and schools.
3:00 | 05/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wall of Fire and Firenadoes on the March in Southern California
Wildfires are raging and families are on the move people pulling together to beat back the wall of flames. One man armed to the garden hose refusing to let his house burned. A little girl in pink cowboy boots her home in -- Firefighters in -- battling the blaze a full moon filling the sky as houses are burning below. And tonight this is the map multiple fires including the big one right there in San marcos' you can see that's where ABC Cecilia Vega. Is on the front lines tonight Cecilia. Diane good evening we have a fire burning behind us right here we've had flames reach up to ten feet tall and take a look at this. Firefighters standing guard this is what they're protecting our house right here every minute counts out here. In the last three days during the Southern California fires we've seen more than 101000 acres torched. -- School under seat planes coming within feet of cal state university San Marcos. Firefighters struggling to keep the blaze at bay on a hillside. -- to university workers picked up hoses and bought off planes to trying to save their school I think it is might be heroes and on and and heroes here don't want to hear of the fire the fire art -- Final exams and graduation canceled it can't just evacuated. As this fire burns dangerously close to the school grounds. These guys are fighting -- Yeah yeah -- wanted to drop on this hillside right on average you can see firefighters on the ground yeah the problem this -- -- feet away from house seats and mark. House nine fires raging in San Diego. Investigators now looking for a cause including the possibility of arson. And this and all fires treated as a crime scene. And now in this torch to land. It is -- scavenger hunt for clues from looking at burn marks on treason rocks to finding out if a deeper cut grass recently. Anything eight potential spark and -- -- that could point to the origin of this fire. Easy heat and wind fueled. Battle Southern California has been fighting for a three day. Sending flames shooting up mountainsides. Plumes of smoke into the air. Firefighters struggling to save what they can but they tried to save with hoses yesterday today looks like this. -- business in -- in claims now unrecognizable. That -- -- that you see out here are ready to go at a moment's notice the biggest issue out here today the temperature hit 99 degrees that has not helped in fighting this fire so far today thirteen thousand new evacuation notices 1000 acres -- so far and Diane so far this fire is just 5% contained. 5% OK thank you so much to Syria and now we want to focus everyone's attention on some of the startling images from this emergency here is one of them. A full of fire stretching his -- this -- some people call it a fire NATO. Danger compounded by speed. So how -- they form ABC's meteorologist -- Jersey tells us. It's thrilling to just fire erupting out of the wild fires in California again today. Sometimes called -- fire NATO the guys -- fight them call -- a fire world when a fire a group of firefighters come up and there is a fire world you attack it differently. You can't really attack that it's it's kind of as entity of its own. Suddenly last a few seconds others ten to fifteen minutes some of them may only be 456. Feet tall. Others can be hundreds of feet tall. So how does one of these fire whirls -- going. In wildfires the atmosphere is hot and dry but the temperature within -- player can be thousands of degrees. That difference in heat mixes and can start rotating a fire -- forms -- strong winds -- come together with intense heat rising very quickly. The player can even break -- and displays starting. Other fires being lifted embers into the into the air and then that can be -- by the wind or cast doubt away from them. The existing fire line. You can hear that crackling of the fire behind me of the wind blowing so quickly the temperature right now is close to 100 degrees we need relief and it is on the way temperatures on Friday in the eighties. By Monday Tuesday that's in the sixties it is going to pull down the winds have subsided. And we're gonna need it -- Everyone hoping for that big breaks thank you so much ginger zee.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Firefighters struggle to contain wildfires that are encroaching on neighborhoods and schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23740220","title":"Wall of Fire and Firenadoes on the March in Southern California","url":"/WNT/video/wall-fire-firenadoes-march-southern-california-23740220"}