Yearning for Warm Weather While Bracing for Another Snowstorm

Another blast of winter brings treacherous roads, causing pileups and deadly accidents.
2:50 | 02/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Yearning for Warm Weather While Bracing for Another Snowstorm
We begin would this major winter storm set to hit this weekend more than 120 million Americans the timing couldn't be worse. It will stretch from the Rockies through the midwest right into New England. In the last 24 hours treacherous driving images through the windshield there and Oklahoma and in Texas tonight. Just one of so many spin outs the black ice the invisible danger. And drivers stunned by what they're witnessing this pile up on a Texas highway and just look at the gridlock this evening. The commute leading into the weekend meteorologist rob Marciano with the path of the storm 25 states but first ABC's claims handout from Denver. Snow is hitting the south tonight as millions brace for yet another storm. Fifteen cars piled up outside Dallas Fort Worth today traffic all over at a standstill my son's got shoulder surgery. Here the snow isn't bad. But it's just now we can't get there so there Waukegan half an hour to get the the hospital. This Fort Worth Kopp offered an extra push today icy treacherous roads are boxing drivers across the south. In North Carolina slippery highways tossed suvs upside down one driver died in this crash blamed on ice. But there are also tales of survival like that couple near Charlotte rescued Thursday from their car after sliding into this creek. And in Minnesota right in as land is counting his blessings tonight he was on an ice fishing trip when his truck fell through sinking fast. Soon as I knew that I was out of air up there a Mike Wallace is my last breath that's available Saul he's gonna go for and swam down through all to win on. Saving himself with Al using his legs naslund is a paraplegic. Really really lucky. I'm here. And here in Colorado David Denver just broke its record for the most snow ever in February. Breaking the old record that held for 103. Years. But we're not finished yet there is more snow headed this way over the weekend David. You're absolutely right Clayton which is why meteorologist rob Marciano is with us tonight and this is sweeping system yet surely gonna stretch outdated so it's gonna hit a wide swath the US let's take a look at Denver to doubtful that that. Are getting towards Saint Louis and down the Ohio River. And it into Pittsburgh in New York City all dancing along the rain snow line along the storm zone we're talking about two to ten inches of snow generally speaking higher amounts in the mountains of course. And as a Clayton a mention a lot of cities are. Inching towards records for the month of February and Boston almost an all time record as five inches away and so close in Boston meantime they're also watching the west tonight a major system there gap for California you know it'll take the rain but there's some issues with this is well swirling system over so council all weekend long welcome rain some mountain snows but some thunderstorms in there and some of those thunderstorms could be strong art on the watch for that rob thank you will be watching this weekend.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Another blast of winter brings treacherous roads, causing pileups and deadly accidents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29286206","title":"Yearning for Warm Weather While Bracing for Another Snowstorm","url":"/WNT/video/yearning-warm-weather-bracing-snowstorm-29286206"}