What Would You Do: Male soldier berated because of homosexuality

In a restaurant, a male soldier in uniform is sitting at a table when a woman at another table begins to flirt. Another male soldier enters, the two men kiss. The woman expresses her disgust. What will the other diners say to the woman?
7:43 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Male soldier berated because of homosexuality
Are you ready to order? Can I have a second? Sure. Thank you. Are you new in town? I'm just passing through, on my way to fort Bragg. Well, I love a man in uniform. Can I buy you a drink or something? I appreciate that, but I'm waiting on my date. Well, she's a lucky lady. Be sure to tell her I said that. You can tell him yourself. He's right here. Hey, cutie. Hey, handsome. That's disgusting. Excuse me? I thought soldiers were supposed to be real men, not fairies. Reporter: A woman, angry when she finds out the soldier she was attracted to is gay. She criticizes their masculinity, their ability to serve their country. Do you join her crusade, jump in the trenches and defend the soldiers, or remain quiet and allow this verbal assault to continue? What would you do? I'm sorry, what's your problem? You. You're why America is the laughing stock of the world. We have a bunch of queers fighting our wars. Today we have deployed our hidden cameras at the boxcar grill in North Carolina. Excuse me, sir, are you in the military? Yes, ma'am, I am. These customers are seated right in the cross fire and share an amused look. Are you waiting for someone or do you want to join me? I am actually waiting on my date. Oh. But check out the looks they share when they learn June is turned down for a man. Hey, good looking. Took you long enough. I know. Didn't think it was this far out. Um, guys? I'm sorry to bother you. Are you guys gay? Yes, ma'am. And you're in the military? Yep. Do you not think it's uncomfortable for the other soldiers to, like, be around y'all? Because I'm kind of uncomfortable just being, like, here. Do you want to just go? Yeah. I'm really not trying to be rude. I just -- I want to understand. With the soldiers gone, June tries to enlist allies. I don't understand it either. Do you agree with me? I do, but it's not me. I don't understand why they want to be that way, but I do understand that if that's the way they are, that's the way they are. But are you okay with them in the military? It shouldn't be allowed in there, to be honest with you. That shouldn't be allowed, but with the way it is now, you're allowed anywhere. No matter what. But still, it ain't right. I don't think it's proper in the military because they're representing our country. They shouldn't be allowed in the military? I think they shouldn't, that's my feeling. And yourself? I don't like it, but what are you going to do about it? I mean, it's not me. It's nothing that I'm going to have to pay for later, and if they want to be that way, that's fine. Reporter: Back in the restaurant -- How can you be in the military and be gay? Our soldiers make another strategic withdrawal. Let's just see if we can get another seat maybe. Different table. Reporter: And once again, with the soldiers gone -- she joins forces with June. I'm sorry? You were right. The bible says it's wrong. We just need to pray for them. Their eyes will open. The lord will speak to them, and they would listen and realize that it's wrong. You know, there's nothing against them, personally. Do you think they should be allowed in the military? They've always been in the military, when I was in the military, 40 years ago. The man she's with thinks it would be better to retreat to an earlier policy. It was don't ask, don't tell. The guys that I knew were, were, and everybody knew they were, but they didn't get kicked out. How'd you feel about that? I guess as long as everybody did their jobs, I didn't have any issues, from a service standpoint. Reporter: And others disagree with June, saying the only limitation on military service should be whether the soldier can do the job. So you agree with me? Well, not really. They're doing their job. They're doing their job, what they're supposed to do, and whatever they do is their business. So you all are just okay with homosexuality? We didn't say that. I didn't say I was for it, I'm just saying they're doing their job. I don't care what they do. As long as it don't affect me and people around me. As long as they don't sit on my lap, I don't give a -- what they do. So you see where I'm coming from? Yeah, I see where you're coming from, but there's nothing you can do about it. The law says they can do that. The law lets me speak up against it, so that's what I'm doing. Oh, yeah, well, that's what they're fighting for. That's why they're in service for, to fight for your rights. Hi, guys. How are you? We're with the TV show "What would you do?" Oh, god. We wanted to know what people would say. I could see her point, but I also see they're sitting there, fighting for our country. What else is there to do? I didn't like for them to come in and done what they did, but that's their life. I didn't sit there and say nothing. You didn't like the kiss? No, I didn't like that. I mean, I'm old-fashioned, I reckon. Reporter: But some customers make it loud and clear they have no issue with our soldiers. But you're inhe military. How can you be gay and in the military? Ma'am, we're just trying to have lunch. Hey, lady. Drop it, okay? Does that not bother you? No, it doesn't bother me, and we're here for a meal and they're here for a meal. What is wrong with you? It's sickening! Well, then leave! How can you be so judgmental? Life's life. Let it go. But I'm not trying to defend my country, ma'am. I know, but they are, and it was okay until you found out they have a different lifestyle than you. And I don't agree with it. You don't have to, but they're still doing their job. Reporter: But nothing could prepare us for these last two customers. What they thought would be a simple mother/daughter outing. Excuse me, guys? Are you guys gay? Yes. Quickly becomes an offensive assault. But you're in the military. So? It's allowed. I'm gay. Reporter: It turns out, Taylor Moses is an openly gay United States marine home on leave after being stationed in Kuwait for six months. I just don't think you're capable of doing your job. I've been doing my job for two years now, and I'm gay. I have a girlfriend. It doesn't make any difference that they're men. And because I'm gay and I'm a woman, it makes no difference at all. Look, I'm sorry. I just don't -- I don't agree with it. I don't feel comfortable with it. What happened to the world where you kept your opinion to yourself? I just don't understand. You can't. Are you gay? Then you can't understand. I'm going to talk to a manager, guys. I'm trying to have an enjoyable lunch with my daughter, and I don't need no bigot. Just go get the manager. Go do whatever you want to. It's a free country. You should have your own freedoms just like we have our own freedoms. Reporter: And it's because of brave soldiers like Taylor that the rest of us have those freedoms. Hi. How do you handle something like that? And then they talk about their love, god. No, but everybody has their own right to believe the way they want to. It's a country she's defending, right? That right. Yeah, she's defending the right for me to be that way. What is it like now for a gay person or a bi person in the military? It doesn't matter, actually. Like, we literally get our job done and whatever is our personal life is our personal life. The military is like one big family, too, so it doesn't

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"In a restaurant, a male soldier in uniform is sitting at a table when a woman at another table begins to flirt. Another male soldier enters, the two men kiss. The woman expresses her disgust. What will the other diners say to the woman?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"49427446","title":"What Would You Do: Male soldier berated because of homosexuality","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/male-soldier-berated-homosexuality-49427446"}