'What Would You Do?': Strangers surprise boy after no one shows to birthday party

It’s a WWYD birthday party! A mom throws a birthday party for her young son, but none of his friends attend. What will these strangers do to help brighten the boy’s day?
6:43 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Strangers surprise boy after no one shows to birthday party
Xeljanz. An "Unjection". Today is Cody's 12th birthday. So mom invited a few of his classmates to a small birthday celebration at la Carretta in ponchatoula, Louisiana. Candles on the cake It's your birthday, Cody. Smile. Happy? But Cody is not having much fun. Make a wish What's the matter, sweetie? It's been almost an hour and no one's here. When facing similar circumstances, this mom in Arizona turned to social media. None of her son's kindergarten friends showed up to his birthday party. She shared a photo of her son, teddy, sitting alone in front of several pizzas. And strangers from all over the country came to teddy's rescue. That prompted dozens and dozens of birthday wishes from around the country. Today, will customers make their presence count and surprise Cody on his birthday? I'm sure your friends will be here soon. I obviously don't have any, mom. Can we just go home? What would you do? Aw, sweetie, it's your birthday. Smile. This first group of four settles in while Cody is waiting for his friends to arrive. Mom, can we just go home, please? This is embarrassing. Honey, it's okay. May I go to the restroom? Of course, honey. Of course. When Cody steps away -- What can we do? -- Mom has a few of her own wishes granted. I don't know what to do. I invited four friends of his, and no one's responding. They're complete . What can we do to help you? I don't know. I mean, we'll come sit with you. Yeah, we'll come sit with you. And before mom knows it -- Mine's 12. You have a 12-year-old? Uh-huh. -- Strangers from all over the restaurant are rallying to Cody's party. We'd be glad to come to your party. You would come? Look at this. They're all standing up and joining the party. Happy birth day! Thank you. Where did you guys come from? And the best surprise is saved for last. Do you like sports? Yes. One of my best friends plays women's basketball here for southeastern for the college, and we're going to get you to try and come to a game. I can get you a poster, and they can all sign it for you and everything. Sounds like our birthday boy might have more in common with teddy -- Happy birthday, man. -- Who received a similar gift from the Phoenix suns. This is the best day ever. Thank you! Back in the restaurant, it's time to pull up a few more chairs. Hi, guys. How is everybody? This is the show "What would you do?" No, get out! No way. What did you think? I just put myself in her shoes. I would want somebody to help me to make his day better, so -- And here you are with a hat on. I think I just bought everybody at the table ice cream. As the day goes on -- If they don't show up, I'm going to come over there and eat cake. That would make me happy. -- Other customers gift small parts of their day -- Get these old ladies to get some of those other ladies over there. Baby, we going to. -- To try to turn Cody's frown -- Do you want to go sit with -- Upside down. Oh, my gosh. This is so nice of you. To Cody. To Cody. I'm going to go make some calls. These next customers don't even know each other. Happy birthday. You okay, little dude? But with mom away, they crash Cody's party together. How old are you today? I'm turning 12. I'm just waiting for my friends. What's your name? Cody? Cody. My name is Cody, too. Are you kidding? No, my name is Cody. You mind if we join your birthday party? Because we love to party. Now that the codys have met, everyone gets right down to business. We're going to the movies after this, if you want to come with us. Quickly becoming friends. How old are you guys? I'm 12. I'm 9. 10. I'm 8. Sharing laughs. Ah, it's a party. And making new memories. Everybody look this way. Everybody ready? All right, here comes the cake. Let's see what happens. You guys really made my day. Aw, we want to make Cody's day. One, two, three. Happy birthday to you All right, let's go out there. You didn't have to do this. No, but I would never let a child not enjoy their birthday party. Children should be happy all the time, but especially on their birthday. Happy birthday, Cody! Mom is trying to get the party started one last time. Happy birthday, yay! It's his birthday. But my friends aren't here. And from a distant table -- We'll be your friends. -- Jerry Reid quickly becomes the life of the party. Aw, thank you so much. You're welcome. Aw, this is sweet. Wow. How do these go? Do you know how to blow them? And this customer comes over bearing gifts. How old are you today? I'm turning 12. 12? Wow. Let me get you two more dollars. One dollar for every one of Cody's year. You got all these noise makers? Woo! Ah, this is amazing. But he's not done. Y'all get over here, come on. Woo! Calling reinforcements, for one final birthday tradition. You ready? One, two, three. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you You want to break it? Happy birthday to Cody happy birthday to you Hey, guys. Hold on here. How are you doing, my man? This is what we would do. We would party. Oh, my god. You gave him money? Yeah. You can take it back now. You started everything. Because we've all been there. It was never like this, you know, out in public, but you know, people not showing up to my party, it broke my heart. I couldn't see this, him go through it. What did you get out of it? He started smiling. That's what I wanted, a smile on his face instead of him sitting over here being alone. At the end of his birthday, Cody may not have been showered with gifts or with the company of invited guests -- but these new friends he made in Louisiana more than made up for it.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"It’s a WWYD birthday party! A mom throws a birthday party for her young son, but none of his friends attend. What will these strangers do to help brighten the boy’s day?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72044954","title":"'What Would You Do?': Strangers surprise boy after no one shows to birthday party","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/strangers-surprise-boy-shows-birthday-party-72044954"}