What Would You Do: Teacher doesn't have enough money for groceries and supplies

When a teacher realizes she doesn't have the funds to pay for her food and her student's supplies, she decides to remove some food items. Will customers behind her step in to help?
7:37 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Teacher doesn't have enough money for groceries and supplies
There's a lot of school supplies except keep kids from night class actually. Teach third grade. Today this teacher is shopping for more than just her own bread and butter business mild us out. There's never enough to go around and most of my students can't afford to provide their own supplies. Shares factor recent study found that 984%. Of teachers spend their own money belonged classrooms appliance and for many years now teachers have been fighting for higher wages. And with mass protests recently making the news teachers and Hope Solo are planning to walk off their jobs tomorrow teachers staging protests going on strike demanding better pay and including right here in conjunction every public school Kentucky was closed today as their salaries of teachers say the extra cost us are tough to cover my. Bi weekly deposit is 639. Dollars. And that's unsustainable home. I'm sorry your cards and the client. Activity cats. I've thirty dollars. Could you maybe please take off the middle. They're showing you wouldn't want to take up Plano Texas now unknown and my students who need these I can drink my coffee black for awhile. He view overheard this teachers struggling to make ends meet I guess I can do without the bread. What's the total now I'm sorry your still a few dollars short. What would you do. Our hidden cameras are rolling averages hide GA and will more Kentucky's. I leave school supplies Perrier great series can my class. Yeah Howard teacher is vying her own groceries and stocking up on supplies and for the new school year. So you're spending your own money on your student's life. Saved by some type. Never found god bless him RA it's 3950. This woman joins the conversation just in time to hear this I'm sorry mammoth declines. To have some cash. You're giving her let it out pay. Bad news for her it's the situation that feels familiar. How did you ask the right supplies for your kid. I feel bad immunity could do some feedback and I'm bill and and laugh and they shared passion. I only need. There were more than was shooting inside. Problems. Let's meet his generous woman all right well. We're doing TV show called what would you do all night and you were attention still limitation I'm glad I'm Chris. Today certainly need all the help that India from the music what is the message you wanted to teach today your students were watching this. Health plan another pick him up on another. Howard teacher is back at the register. Your fun all of you for your stay flat. And she'd find some common ground with this next customer in line crazy I don't care and I sat down unless it was nice to me. Okay he's alleged to get. I don't care cardinal got there. Hey Janet like another form of payment think I have the cash I have. Thirty. That we need to take off please. If you don't mind the milk when she comes up sure she decides to four goes some of her own groceries. 310. East anyone 31 game and how now. But this fellow educator just won't allow her to go hungry and why not. Here's. Sears. Tell you Sarah. That's really kind of it's like you Gutierrez just. It's. Earlier teacher I am the only or I'll leave school. We have way back. Tugged at teller's she's been called on by what would you be high level are you. She's a stranger well more so wonderful place kicker is the friendliest town. In Kentucky this young what do you think about the way teachers have to provide for their own surprises. Teachers don't get nearly enough. Throughout the day we find there's no shortage of kindness in Kentucky an eye kidney and these things for class. So there put the milk that argues for is fifty. This is eyes look at those. Still a lot of money to give mom Mario. Does salsa club kids. We're short on nine dollars and 55 cents. You don't have to do that. It's all did. I'll take that and I think you. I think education is ridiculous news as much funding hasn't yet really it's important he over the future of our society. Take off the tuna and become good friends we want to get out when it's. Easy day for the difference apparently. Very kind anyway. Those numbers we've off. Crying Gator just let him payback hey Laurie thirty sheriff's yeah. Who navy memorial. You think teachers get paid enough I think the problem most underpaid. Jobs in the United States you get people and get paid millions just entertainment. And and people who know teach our kids actually change the future. Barely get paid enough. We rolled one last time the take off the Mac Korean team. And right away this young man offers his credit card. I'm sorry. They've been around rest my heart. You know men didn't I didn't know I was not a problem now mind you mutation and I know the education system and friends features flows out of them. You know and teachers Yang ends and times are tough for them kinda tough for them to be stressful. Thank you guys are there all Hillary and I appreciate having. Even helps our teacher Bagger groceries. Gaining extra credit and our book thank you so much before he's done bagging and we're there to greet him. Let me foyer and gigantic death subjective yards were what would you do for TV show followed Hillary always secure. Right now we live in a time that's really. You know polarized and a toss up going on you know. Teachers are are are undergoing a lot of stress and stuff and sun's slogan for what god has given me so I can get to give other people that's time if that I can get out my life and happy camper. The town of little more is home to the Asbury Theological Seminary. And for these Kentucky ends spirituality seems to inspire their overwhelming message. That kindness accounts. Inside and outside of the classroom.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"When a teacher realizes she doesn't have the funds to pay for her food and her student's supplies, she decides to remove some food items. Will customers behind her step in to help?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57684730","title":"What Would You Do: Teacher doesn't have enough money for groceries and supplies","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/teacher-money-groceries-supplies-57684730"}