What Would You Do: Woman steals groceries out of customers' carts

A customer rudely takes items from other customers' carts for herself. What will customers do?
5:18 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Woman steals groceries out of customers' carts
Oh, sorry to bother you, B Y like that a? Yeah. Oh, I was thinking about buying that. It's actual ptty good. I got it inle two. Nice. Aisle take you upn your recommend. Actuallhat was mine. Gro store etiquette. You'll find all therustration he advice columns to blocking to sles. You're at grocery store whendenlyastranger starts S right O ofour cart. Doou her help yoursel ll her to getwn grocers? What would you do? I actuay do need at. What's wrong? Ere's more. Aisle two. You N just grab it. It's reallod. The ss are out in full force a our grocery grabber rolls on to the scene. Oh, sorry to bother you. What are those? Oh, they're S. Better T the big ones because the big one are too light. Ah. Just pop them in. At first, Tracy's questions are met with friendly ersation. Okay, good find.an I'm going toakeour recommendation then. I actually need that. But tfriendly conversation is about to change. Where did you get it? In the produce. Okay, so not T farm you. I have to go this way. You're close tore it though. Thfome. But that's rude. You're picking out of my cart. I'mot saying you cane it. Our supermarket swiper doesn't seem to care. Hichne can I have? You can't haveanythi. But I got to go Tork. I'm working. With , she suggests a curious romise. Okay,owe split it lf. Split what? It'sproduc you can go over there and get it yourself. Hello. I'mlike, what th hell just happened? You told her off. I really did. It's not my day. Will our next customer up with our Opper's an? Oh bread, yeah is this good? Awesome. I'll mark that off. Atst he seepssed what just ened. What aroudoing? I'm going too down this way. Get another one. Can havene of the chips too? Oh. This isy stf. Oh, I know. Iknow. Right, go ahead, take it. Tnk you, so nice of you. Thanyou, sir. I appreciate it. How you doing,ddy? I'm John ques. Oh, jeez. How are you doing? What do you think O R? She said she was in a ro I letter had have it. I'm just goingo Gett now. Throughout the morning, successfully collects all items on her grocery list. This couple passively lets their peprs go. This isverything except the green es. Yeah. You picked them good, guys. This woman reluctaly says good-bye to her beans. Oh, no this isgood. Do you mind if I take these? This isy cart. I don't have time. T my list. I have the eggs th chips. Ou have anything ee that would go good this? The tostito snrks awesome. Do youmind. A big rush. Thisoman looks absolutely unned as she watches her chips disappea are at it one more time what kind are thes L this woman be asnice. A green tomato Perfect needed this. STA. Lessur into trouble by Tracy helping herself. You haven't paid them yet. No, but G T go back to get them bause they' in the front. I'must G to take them. I don't have time. Mam, I have too back to work. She tries to me a trade. Irade you this for the S. , No, no go get your own uff. I got go all the wayac to get that okay, a won't your cart. Hi, hre you? That lady aactress.you wouldn' her her stuff. Ouldnot. Why should I? This is wh wanted But she didn't want to go H all the work. But she should, because I did!

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"A customer rudely takes items from other customers' carts for herself. What will customers do?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"56578855","title":"What Would You Do: Woman steals groceries out of customers' carts","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/woman-steals-groceries-customers-carts-56578855"}