Galen goes ice fishing in Massabesic Lake, NH

Galen Druke interviews a New Hampshire voter while ice fishing in Massabesic Lake.
4:15 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Galen goes ice fishing in Massabesic Lake, NH
We are on a frozen lake amounted music just a few days out from the primary here in New Hampshire. And we found these folks ice fishing on the lake and one in to talk to the little bit about. You know what their plans are for the primary if they had any about breslaw what's the name Mike. And union decked. Okay Mike and Dick. Do you plan on voting in New Hampshire's primary counties absolutely absolutely what I idea a Rhode Island resident OK so you won't be verdict. Who do you plan on voting for on Tuesday. Trump and did you vote for trump and he doesn't sixteen absolutely. And in the primary in New Hampshire did you also vote for number one of the other Republicans. No trump dropped a guy so tell me a little bit about what attracts you to president. Well. Let's basilica which has happened with the impeachment Wright's three and a half years we've been in office. Everybody on the democratic says worked against some. I don't see how or even managed to keep a straight ahead but the fact of the matter is he's gotten things done there's a lot of trade deals have been going on. He saw his friends or third Kim from career which nobody's been able Amanda subdue. In ornament and you know he's a businessman. Darren he's got a big mulls its RNJ probably shouldn't tweets so much but I think. That's rules that's what it takes is not a polished politician but he's getting things I think the people see that in. My 401K never looked so good all right so if I ask you what your favorite thing about chocolate and your least favorite thing about her favorite first. Maybe out of an arrow as they're richer for everything what their favorite thing right truck. I think he tells it like it is. And I think that he's done a lot of good for the country especially from the economics imports are at least favorite thing about. I think sometimes the acts too much work a New York Gore's got. Speaking of near wise guys. Network and Evelyn New York this week and annually due at least it. Nine I think he I think each whistle too much at the Q he'd have a burger follow and averages lately. So as you're coming up to talk to humans in the democratic debate and watch. Report net and I'm curious did you option we large computer what is expected. I think. You know. Those Denver were worked on victims send troops have been to present not true. Abraham Burton one was forced through the bird we've beaten deep into what about people it is due. I don't know I think he brings a fresh new look easy on these are career politician again he's got a girl. Obviously he's league which is not necessarily the desperate for more conservative voters is that something that would potentially cost them. Well yesterday at thirty years regard for iris yes now. I think whatever makes you happy. Go for. RB. In the middle for as the lake. Oh yesterday finished thing. We we did what we caught some fair we caught some ideal perch. My nephew currently huge pass for Oracle's five pounds is enough to know. Do you catch anything. I just sat inside getting Miami. New. Theatre and right now for. Me today and what's your name. Lily and her son William best history you my hackles steam analysts arrest. Me really. It is an army chief investment products. Names and steam. Cost. Galleries. You can't you've got us. Warm hopefully this is doing now. A great rest your dad. And they are talking to take accidents.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Galen Druke interviews a New Hampshire voter while ice fishing in Massabesic Lake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"68909621","title":"Galen goes ice fishing in Massabesic Lake, NH","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/galen-ice-fishing-massabesic-lake-nh-68909621"}